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OK, I’m writing the tour stuff, honestly I am, and I apologise for the uncharacteristic delay in myself.

The point of this entry is just to mention that I’m having problems with my email, because NTL are having problems with their own actual selves, and so if you send me an email right now, I won’t get it. I don’t know if you get emails that I send either though. It’s like when you pick up the phone and you can’t hear jack but the caller can hear you sounding like a dumbass, or like a one-way mirror. Hey, the toilet door at Extrapool in Nijemegen was a one-way mirror, so you could be taking a shit (or worse) and have a perfect view of dudes in the lobby paying to get in, or of them trying to work out if the bog was free etc. Disconcerting for both parties.

Anyway, plenty of time for that later when I have the time, and when them goddamn motherfucking a-holes at NTL get their motherfucking £17:99 a goddamn month shit together, the fuckheads.

Nice one.

Posted February 24, 2005 by peteum2013 in Uncategorized

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