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Well, this isn’t about the tour but I thought I’d share anyhoos. Rob Da Bank played People Hid In Jumpers last Thursday. Funnily enough I saw Jolly James on Mill Road earlier and we’d discussed the efforts of The Dude Ross to get my arse ART played again on the RDB show. I told JJ that I’d sent off a Giraffe and we’d have to wait and see, or hear. Later that day I’m at Cambridge Station seeing my dad off, who is non-habitually drunk, because its his 61st, and Shadowy Shires bells me to tell me that Um’s on Radio One – Hello Mum! I don’t tell my dad, of course. I just muse on the fact that I’m wearing a Next zip-neck jersey. How ironic. Then it strikes me that underneath that I’m sporting an M&S rollneck, which is perhaps even more Alanis Morissette. At this point I realise that I’m a living pisstake of my own self, because underneath that second jumper I’m (almost unbelievably) ensconced in a lightweight sports pullover. It was cold though, man.

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