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You know I was on about my problems with voodoo or astrological black ice or whatever it is that causes electronic equipment to choke to death before my ears? Well, in Rotterdam, as I’ll tell you again later on, my video camera stopped working. This is the expensive digital video camera that I use almost daily. Well, shit happens, and they are fiddly little things, and it has had a lot of use, but I’m still a smidgen devastated by the fact that I am prohibited from recording audio-visual minutiae in the manner to which I am accustomed.
I’m a bit more surprised by the sudden death of one of my Technics 1210 Mk 2 (black) turntables, which are meant to be as sturdy as a Bedford truck. It’s just stopped working – no power light, no rotatory movements, no nothing. I’ve checked the fuse in the plug and it isn’t that, but if anyone else has any better ideas I’d be really pleased to hear them. Is there an internal fuse on those things?
Obviously I’ve got some computer problems too, but by and large they are too tedious to mention. Oh shit – here I go anyway. Basically I am beset with multiple error messages every time I boot up, and also when I am sat using the computer. One of them is because I tried to listen to the Rob Da Bank show when he played People Hid In Jumpers, and I was trying to update RealPlayer (as you seemed to have to do) and Mozilla Firefox didn’t like it, and so now I get a Windows Mediaplayer error message about once every ten minutes, no matter what I am doing or not doing. It’s so cool!

Right. Sam and Syd are away for a couple of days so I’m going to try and do a few updates. I can’t guarantee it but that’s the plan. This is the first opportunity I’ve had time to do non-real life stuff since mid-December, but I’m committed to tidying my room, so that may take a while. In fact I feel like a nine-year old boy trying to pull Madonna. It’s basically a necessity because you can’t get from one side of the room to the other without damaging a sitar, and because I want to remove the low shelf (amongst the rest of reasons) that makes my guests look so awkward.

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