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About five years ago one of my mad-ass buddies from my keraaaazy years at college announced he was going to vote Liberal Democrat, and I snorted because I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t see how you could sniff the very rectum of reality on acid one minute and vote LibDem the next. Then a couple of months ago a musician chum of mine, also reasonably left-of-sane, said he swang the same way, politics-wise. And now only today, on the eve of the election, my colleague and life partner Samantha announced she was considering voting for Charles “Scotch” Kennedy and Co. I can’t recall whether this was before or after Brian Eno guested on Radio Five Live to urge the nation to vote likewise, but it felt like a weight of opinion was building up against me. I have always voted Green – partly as a sort of protest vote against what I see as the nonsense of mainstream politics, partly because I believe in a sustainable future for all of us as opposed to some hideous ecological apocalypse, and partly as a sort of laugh. On the occasion of the last election I filmed myself walking towards Ross Street Community Centre pushing a pram and drinking a can of Special Brew. I should like to point out that I do not regularly drink super strength lager; it was just that I was drunk already and I felt like making a stupid film. Anyway, I don’t know whom for or even if I’m going to vote at all tomorrow. I believe in…uh…suffrage, as opposed to not having the right, but I feel particularly disenfranchised right now. I wish there was a Freak Power candidate in Romsey or something.

Right, I’m tired and I haven’t got time to edit this. It’s going to be Labour anyway, right? By next week we’ll all have forgotten about the whole thing. If I had more time I’d write about the limp thrill of seeing Michael Howard humiliated after all these years of him being a boogieman for me. Anyway…

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