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Here is a list of things wrong with my computer:

My anti-virus thing (AVG) is out of date. This means that when I boot up I am told that my anti-virus thing is out of date. An update automatically begins downloading. However, at that point:

An error message concerning Windows Media Player comes up, which is actually due to some sort of confliction with Mozilla Firefox Web Browser. This seems to halt the download of my anti-virus update.

I then get a message to tell me that my computer is at risk.

The Windows Media Player error messages continue to come up intermittently and at random for as long as my PC is switched on.

Most programs, and in particular those dealing with colour images or graphics, are subject to a memory problem (I’m told) with my video card. Little dots of colour appear all over the screen where there shouldn’t be little dots of colour, or at least of that hue.

Occasionally my screen will just black out for about four seconds and then wonkily reappear. Sometimes it goes for good and I have to restart.

The thing with the parallel lines (pretty parallel lines on my monitor – never the same, always different) has started again.

My (broadband – £17:99 a month) internet connection seems very unreliable. I can never tell when I am going to be able to check my email or smoothly browse the net. Sometimes I can’t do either for hours. Sometimes I have to repeatedly open the site to make it work.

My CD-RW drive is going funny. I seem to be able to write CDs, but then, although the same drive will be able to read the CD and see the files, it cannot open them or play them back. When I try and read data off old CDs it tends to do it reluctantly, with a lot of stuttering and crashing.

When the system crashes and I restart it wants to check every drive for FAT System 32 errors or something, which takes forever. Occasionally it’ll give me a nice DISK BOOT ERROR as well.

So, anyone out there who is geekishly inclined, and also just loves to help the foolish who cannot fend for themselves, like one of Britain’s hidden carers, might apply here for honest labour. For as sure as you can trust Tony Blair, I will always have something wrong with my computer.

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