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Hey, I forgot the point of the last entry, which was to chucklingly inform you that my brace of Technics 1210s are being hired by The Labour Party for their “victory” do. At twice the going rate, I might add, not that that bit was my doing. Also, since I will be holidaying in the South of Spain when they are returned, I’ve asked my anarcho-syndicalist chum Richard to take delivery from the Labour representative. Hence:

It’s a small world.
It’s a funny old world.
If you can’t beat them, establish a profitable business relationship with them.

Oh yeah, I’ve realized that there is such a thing as the “Best Album In The World, Ever.” It’s Ege Bamyasi by Can. I was listening to it at work the other day. I thought it was.

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About five years ago one of my mad-ass buddies from my keraaaazy years at college announced he was going to vote Liberal Democrat, and I snorted because I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t see how you could sniff the very rectum of reality on acid one minute and vote LibDem the next. Then a couple of months ago a musician chum of mine, also reasonably left-of-sane, said he swang the same way, politics-wise. And now only today, on the eve of the election, my colleague and life partner Samantha announced she was considering voting for Charles “Scotch” Kennedy and Co. I can’t recall whether this was before or after Brian Eno guested on Radio Five Live to urge the nation to vote likewise, but it felt like a weight of opinion was building up against me. I have always voted Green – partly as a sort of protest vote against what I see as the nonsense of mainstream politics, partly because I believe in a sustainable future for all of us as opposed to some hideous ecological apocalypse, and partly as a sort of laugh. On the occasion of the last election I filmed myself walking towards Ross Street Community Centre pushing a pram and drinking a can of Special Brew. I should like to point out that I do not regularly drink super strength lager; it was just that I was drunk already and I felt like making a stupid film. Anyway, I don’t know whom for or even if I’m going to vote at all tomorrow. I believe in…uh…suffrage, as opposed to not having the right, but I feel particularly disenfranchised right now. I wish there was a Freak Power candidate in Romsey or something.

Right, I’m tired and I haven’t got time to edit this. It’s going to be Labour anyway, right? By next week we’ll all have forgotten about the whole thing. If I had more time I’d write about the limp thrill of seeing Michael Howard humiliated after all these years of him being a boogieman for me. Anyway…

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