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Been a bit slack at the same time as being horrendously busy.

The good people at eatmorechips have posted some nice photies of some recent gigs here:


That’s the Ariel Pink Bad Timing night and their Adadaat Records night also.

Also my man Jimmy Possession reviewed the Pink gig here:


Lately I been:

Looking after the boy a lot while the missus is away flogging cups of coffee.
Testing out our Bedford Autosleeper van on short away trips to the Norfolk coast.
Making tons of ugly reel to reel music while my PC was at the menders.
Buying a Fostex M8 8-track reel to reel recorder and a Fostex 450 mixer and then selling it to Phil.
Buying a Akai MPC 2000. How the hell do these things work?
Trying to sort out some European dates. Better finish off my account of the last tour I guess.
Drinking a lot of Stella Artois and so on.

More soon, almost certainly.

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