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My musical heroes from the 90s are letting me down. First Kurt shoots himself in the mouth and now I hear Beck is a Scientologist.

This morning I woke up feeling a bit blurred, as per. Syd’s new teacher from Big School was coming to visit him in his present nursery environment, and I managed to keep her waiting for half an hour or so. I had a freshly shaven skull, stubble, a thick silver hoop in my ear and I smelled of stale sweat. I’m bad. I could feel myself reddening as I shook her hand though. Talking to her meant I was late to complete my next task, which was to select some tapes for some anarchist chums of mine to unwind/bug out to whilst they’re up at the G8 thing. I hurriedly grabbed some Crass, some LKJ, some Bill Hicks and some James Brown. An army marches to a groove?

Do you think Anne Campbell losing her seat was to do with the voodoo, just because I hired my decks to the Labour Party for her victory shindig? I keep getting winks from Liberal Democrats in the street…

My computer is working. Andrew Coleman helped me out here. I have a new video card, more RAM, and a new Uninterruptible Power Supply. The latter means that in the event of an apocalypse, I’ll be able to send out a last series of mailouts to y’all.

I’m learning to drive. My driving instructor is called Paul. I reckon we should get our names on the windscreen. Paul is one of the most majestically unhip dudes I’ve ever met. He is easily flustered. We are proceeding slowly. I was hoping to be taught by the guy who taught Alex, because apparently he canes weed and digs Can, but he never called me back when I rang him, and so Sam phoned up BSM and paid for two lessons herself.

The other night I dreamt that Jessie Wallace was trying to be intimate with me. You could tell that she was in the first flush of love. It was tender and enchanting, and then I woke up.

There are plans afoot to revamp this website. There, I’ve jinxed it. Probably be sometime after Christmas now…

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