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You know the Turkish (that’s a guess) Minimart on Mill Road that used to be Shan Stores? The one that Andrew refers to as “the chocolate shop”? Well I’ve started frequenting the place recently since they started to started to do what I call a “gentleman’s deal” on Stellas, i.e. a 6 for 5 (quid) special. Before that I had to go to Mace, which is further down the road anyway, and additionally seems to have acquired a weird atmosphere of corruption of late. I don’t mean crookedness per se…it’s just that I’ve been in there a few times and sensed some kind of slightly sad, run-of-the-mill, everyday evil. It’s probably just because they do the 6 for 5 special and rummies like me are fucking up the esprit de place or watchamacallit. I did make an informal petition to the good people at Balv’s for a discount on the Artoises but they are unwilling to budge on anything less than a case (twenty notes). Anyway, so I’m in the chocolate shop today piling cans on the counter and matey comes out from the back and greets me with “Hello love”. Either the feller has yet to grasp a few idiomatic subtleties of the English tongue or that’s a sad indication of how important my custom has become to his business in a very short period of time.

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How do you get from Um to KT Tunstall?   Leave a comment

About three or four years ago my mate Rupert, who I was in that band with the stupid name with, was involved in a musical project with his brother’s girlfriend. Are you following this? She was a singer-songwriter type and he was there for beats and production etc. Anyway they played a gig together at 93Feet East and a posse of us went along to support Rupert. He’d fallen in with a bad lot since the band broke up and had unfortunately made a substantial amount of money programming computers, so we wanted to show him that we cared and welcome him back to the exciting world of rock ‘n’ roll. I have few clear memories of the performance, so I suppose it’s possible that I had access to some free beer. I remember thinking this singer girl Kate was decent enough, but I was more interested in watching how the modest Rupert would cope onstage with the seemingly unnecessary role of laptop operator. I think he did a bit of goofy dancing and wore a silly hat, but I can hardly have a go at him for that. Anyway Rupert’s brother and Kate split up (possibly because he lived and worked on the other side of the world, in Oman), and I thought no more about it until a week or so ago, when Rupe told me that one of the songs they did together is going on the next KT Tunstall (for yes, they are one and the same person) single. I presume this means that he will make more money off that than I have in the 10+ years since we did music together, during which time I have toiled single-mindedly to maximise my own artistic greatness in pursuit of fame and fortune. Obviously I’ve failed somewhat, but we’ll see what this Ipswich Community Radio thing might lead to…

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I feel like Bros   Leave a comment

Yesterday a little bird gave me a bell and told me to tune into Ipswich Community Radio ( because the DJ was about to play two tracks from my Giraffe Outtakes CD (Mel Ellis & Andrew Coleman and I say Nothing). Therefore I was able to set my equipment to record this momentous sudden growth of my media profile. About ten minutes after doing so I was informed via email that Marc Riley had spun Holy Fire on his show (, but this was back in fucking March! First I, or anyone from Strange Lights Records, had heard about it. I’m also informed that you can buy my single from the HMV megastore in London, so what I don’t understand is how I’m being kept out of the loop with regards to the matter of my own celebrity status. I mean, people say that Big Brother is exploitative, but at least the housemates know they’re on TV.

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