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The other night Phil and I got engrossed in an earnest debate about gender politics and we must have lost track of time because he left quite late muttering about how I ought to learn to fuckin’ drive and when I woke up the next morning I discovered I had a really, really big hangover. Then some lady phoned out of the blue to see if I wanted to take Syd to a birthday party for a tiny colleague of his and we went to Sainsbury’s to get a shit birthday present that we didn’t even wrap and had a fried breakfast that was supposed to be a cure for me but just seemed like some sort of inhumane poison that I probably deserved. Then I had to pound the pavement hurriedly through the meagre August heat and humidity to get there on time and I arrived late and smelt bad. The party was being held in a public park because birthday-boy’s family had the builders in. In case of rain the Mum had pitched two small tents on the grass. Soon it began to rain and then hail very heavily and the kids had to squeeze into one tent and me and the Mums, one of who is heavily pregnant (like, due) and kept taking deep, measured breaths and rubbing her bump, had to squish together in the other. It was one of those epiphanies of awkwardness that The Trickster referred to in describing the contents of this diary, and that was before they started asking me about what instrument I played and so on. Oy vay!

Whilst we’re veering dangerously far away from the subject of rock ‘n’ roll I ought to tie up that loose end regarding Syd’s schooling. You may recall that a postcode lottery had left the lad set to go to a primary school that was not universally held in high regard, but still with some sort of chance at getting into our favoured school if anyone on their list dropped out. Well, they must have done because we got the good news while we were holidaying at our mountain retreat in Andalusia, somewhat fittingly. I felt like such a cunt, but such a grateful cunt. This means he will go on to a decent secondary school as well, and so to me this is the poverty-stricken bohemian version of getting my kid into Oxbridge.


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Here’s a recent review of the debut Um single, which can be found at :

The Man’s Got Me Beat 7″ EP
(Strange Lights)
One of those cultural differences between England and America: we have far less goofy electronic/sample based musical experimentalists running around releasing records. We have no V/VM, no Wevie Stonder, and no UM. Here are five songs of off-kilter rhythmic loops about the world’s problems and social ineptitude. If that’s your bag, please soldier on. These all feel like protest songs of some sort, but about fairly obvious causes, and some (like “Africa is a Fridge”) are so obnoxious that getting through them is a chore. But perhaps that is the point. Clear vinyl, clear sleeve.

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What I hate about Jim O’Rourke is his ubiquity. Him joining Sonic Youth was the last straw for me. Like, why? I’m deeply suspicious of Sonic Youth anyway, who seemed to have marketed themselves into all the rock non-fiction books I read with distasteful ease, if you know what I mean. And when you look at all the collaborations that both parties seem to have cynically engineered for their own careerist purposes, for Jim O’Rourke to join Sonic Youth is like coming home to find Hitler and Stalin sat round your kitchen table with about two biscuits left in the packet. I understand to a certain extent because I collect things too, but with Jim and Thurston and Co it’s not enough to find that erotically rare record that freaks revere because its got people bashing things on it, you actually go and use your cultural purchasing power to get the guy that made the record and install him in your living room. Then you press record and you play a little guitar along as he scrapes the chair along the floor or whatever. Fucking vampiric business practice. Or am I the cynical one? I don’t really like Sonic Youth I guess, even though I have about 6 of their albums, ha ha. The Ciccone Youth one is alright, bits of Goo, Daydream Nation…I just don’t like their sound. I don’t like that guitar sound. And I don’t like Kim’s voice at all. Yeah, so Sonic Youth are overrated for me. Influential as hell but overrated. Mind you when Phil played with Lee Renaldo and Text Of Light or whatever they were called I was a bit thrilled because Lee was after some weed and I was holding but I chickened out of giving him some because then I’d have had to have met him. But O’Rourke is the one that gets on my tits. He’s too fucking ambitious to be properly leftfield for me. I read some interview where he was bitching about the internet because it meant that 20 year olds were accusing him of ripping off John Fahey. Ha ha! Actually I’m not that familiar with his work. I know Eureka and I almost like some of it but it’s so fucking clever and tasteful and well-executed that you half feel like a cunt just listening to it. Once I was at Bad Timing or Upgrade and Afterlife, which are two local weirdy music nights that some pals of mine run coincidentally, and Jo dropped this really interesting tune and I eagerly asked what it was and it turned out to be JOR, just my luck. The other day I downloaded Jim Hotel Computer and it pissed the fuck off out of me because it sounded like a bored guy playing with his laptop somewhere, more killing time than anything else. And I was sweating away there in the kitchen, you know, working for a living rather than releasing a record every five minutes just because you’ve conned the world that you’re deep rather than just a bit fat. Yeah, it’s the fucking barefaced ubiquity of the cunt. That’s why I did my song Jim O’Rourke Was In New York, because for him to be personally caught up in the events of 9/11 seemed to be taking the piss somewhat.

Next week: Face It Lads, Autechre Are Shit.

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Now I don’t want to go cluttering up the World Wide Web with a highly personal account of the tedious minutiae of my daily existence, but you know I’m always on about the Voodoo? Do you remember how my minidisk player the Tascam MD-301 MK2 stopped working kinda mysteriously and then started working again even more mysteriously? Well, the other day I finally decide to bite the bullet and take my DV camera into the menders, on account of the fact that I am soon to be off on a high-profile tour of Europe and I wanted some documentary evidence of my own relative current success as opposed to what has gone before and what will inevitably come round again. The camera had stopped working in Rotterdam, simply giving a “to service” error message whenever you switch it on, something which I have done somewhat forlornly somewhere in the region of fifty times since, hoping against hope that some kind of magick shit will occur and my expensive piece of hi-tech equipment will be resurrected from the digital dead. Anyway I thought I’d better check the camera didn’t have a tape of me smoking cannabis and talking about paranoia or somesuch on it so I plugged the beast in before heading off to town. I think you can tell where I’m going here…yes? Been working perfectly ever since.

The other day I overheard a fragment of a conversation on Mill Road.

[coarse male voice] “…with the handle, blatantly fucking sticking up still…”

What was this handle attached to? What function did the handle perform? Who left it sticking fucking blatantly up? Why was this an issue? Perhaps we shall never know…

I’m looking into getting a new computer. This is me and my man mrdonkey chatting about it on Soulseek earlier (the reason I’m called samgirlx is because my PC’s fucked and I’m using my girlfriend’s laptop):

(sent while offline) [mrdonkey] been looking into shuttles for you
(sent while offline) [mrdonkey] theres a lovely new model available
(sent while offline) [mrdonkey]
(sent while offline) [mrdonkey] latest nforce 4 chipset
(sent while offline) [mrdonkey] and built in graphics….
(sent while offline) [mrdonkey] 64 bit
(sent while offline) [mrdonkey] sata
(sent while offline) [mrdonkey] yummy
[samgirlx] ooh
[samgirlx] was just about to write polite message enquiring as to state of things
[samgirlx] all means nowt to me of course
[samgirlx] my basic ting is i want a music machine and a voodoo machine and i guess i’d baulk at paying more that 600 notes
[samgirlx] i’ve got sam’s old pc if that helps with any basic bits
[samgirlx] like, basic soundcard
[samgirlx] but then, they’re probably about 12p now
[samgirlx] with the same spec
[samgirlx] anyways, guess if its all online you can let me know what i want and i can buy with credit card…
[samgirlx] i think i’m getting fed up with making twatty improv with fx pedals and such
[samgirlx] and i miss my mailouts
[samgirlx] if we need new power for my old machine i’ll stump up for that too
(12:08) [mrdonkey] can probably do you a shuttle st20g5 with athlon64 3500+, 200 gig sata harddrive and 1 gig of ram for about £570
(12:08) [mrdonkey] monster machine
[samgirlx] cool, just playing a game on the scooby doo website if i sound a bit distratecd
(12:09) [mrdonkey] will also be able to fit the maudio card in it so no need for any new audio cards
[samgirlx] rah
(12:09) [mrdonkey] and should be able to get the older machine working if we can take out a few bits
[samgirlx] like wht?
(12:10) [mrdonkey] that st20g5 shuttle will fit faster processors as well.. they’re pretty pricey at the mo though
[samgirlx] how much?
(12:13) [mrdonkey] maybe we could put the dvd writer in the shuttle?
(12:13) [mrdonkey] and the maudio card will be in the shuttle
(12:13) [mrdonkey] hmmm
(12:13) [mrdonkey] how much what?
[samgirlx] its a conundrm
(12:13) [mrdonkey] faster cpus?
[samgirlx] cos lots of the peripheral stuff is kind of useful for music
[samgirlx] yeah
(12:14) [mrdonkey] but the shuttle wil be the music machine yes?
[samgirlx] yeah
[samgirlx] well, i guess
(12:16) [mrdonkey] it will be the most powerful of the two machines
(12:16) [mrdonkey] by a long way
(12:17) [mrdonkey] and it’ll be very quiet
(12:17) [mrdonkey] which is useful for recording
[samgirlx] ok, music, power and quiet go together
[samgirlx] and semi portable
[samgirlx] andrew was advising me against becoming a laptop artist last night
[samgirlx] like, my minidisc player is a key thing in my act
[samgirlx] my source of power
(12:19) [mrdonkey] hehe
(12:20) [mrdonkey] laptops do have a certain ‘image’ when it comes to gigs these days
(12:20) [mrdonkey] so i kinda agree
(12:20) [mrdonkey] thought the mpc was the live tool?
[samgirlx] yeah, that’s what he was saying
[samgirlx] maybe, but its huge, hard to use
[samgirlx] etc
(12:21) [mrdonkey] bugger
[samgirlx] and it glitches
(12:21) [mrdonkey] and you look like a burger king cashier when you use it
[samgirlx] he he
[samgirlx] but thats better than a laptop
(12:23) [mrdonkey] i was telling dave the other day that electronic is out of fashion now but it’ll all come round again
(12:23) [mrdonkey] fashion being the fickle beast it is
(12:23) [mrdonkey] he wouldnt buy it thought
[samgirlx] ha ha
[samgirlx] sorry, 4 year old hassling the fuck out of me
[samgirlx] scooby doo online gaming is defeating me
(12:24) [mrdonkey] lol
[samgirlx] i’m shit at games
[samgirlx] taken me about three days to work out that you need to use the stuff you’ve picked up in mone screen in another to prgress
[samgirlx] one screen, i should say
(12:26) [mrdonkey] wow, sounds like a tough puzzle ;p
(12:27) [mrdonkey] oh yeah, cpu prices…. the one i mentioned before, the 3500+ is £150
(12:28) [mrdonkey] and they go up to, im not joking here, £739 for a twin core 4800+
(12:28) [mrdonkey] bleeding edge
(12:28) [mrdonkey] ;o
[samgirlx] kinell
[samgirlx] fuck that shit
(12:29) [mrdonkey] indeed
[samgirlx] nice to know what we’ll be paying 150 for in a year or two
(12:30) [mrdonkey] but it does mean you have some expandibility in the shuttle
[samgirlx] expandibility?
(12:30) [mrdonkey] the motherboard chipset is pretty new
(12:31) [mrdonkey] so it’ll allow you to upgrade the cpu to a twin core monster when they get cheaper
[samgirlx] cool
[samgirlx] i want to know when they’re phasing out voodoo
(12:33) [mrdonkey] got up at 5:45 this morning…
(12:33) [mrdonkey] great light out
(12:33) [mrdonkey] sun was just up and the dark clouds were forming from the west
(12:33) [mrdonkey] oh, the joys of coffee
[samgirlx] and when all wars will end and mankind will come together in universal brotherhood, heaven on earth…
(12:33) [mrdonkey] david pajo says ‘war is dead’
[samgirlx] well, its pretty shitty out now
(12:34) [mrdonkey] yeah, it is nasty now
[samgirlx] shows what guitarists know
(12:34) [mrdonkey] hehe
(12:34) [mrdonkey] pajo is a weird album
(12:34) [mrdonkey] war is dead is a nice song though
[samgirlx] hang on, syd wants string
[samgirlx] ?
(12:35) [mrdonkey] but some of the others are really dreary
(12:35) [mrdonkey] is that the right word?
[samgirlx] dreary? probably
(12:37) [mrdonkey] have you listened to solo monk yet?
[samgirlx] nope
[samgirlx] need to put it on my machine
[samgirlx] i’m worreid i’m going to get flour in my iriver
[samgirlx] thought about
getting a really cheap mp3 player
[samgirlx] but thats stupid
[samgirlx] cos i’d have two of them
[samgirlx] two minidisc players
[samgirlx] plus the big one
(12:39) [mrdonkey] you love it
[samgirlx] and any number of walkmans, tape players and dictaphones
(12:39) [mrdonkey] you’re a collector
[samgirlx] two reel to reels
[samgirlx] and I want another computer?
[samgirlx] oh yeah, and daves adat
[samgirlx] which i’m meant to be buying for 100 quid
[samgirlx] but it keeps glitching on me
(12:40) [mrdonkey] why has dave got an adat?
[samgirlx] like everything else
[samgirlx] bella union leant it him ages ago
[samgirlx] and when al died…
[samgirlx] back in the day hugos used to dream of an adat
[samgirlx] and i saw one in bowes and co (thieves) for about a grand
(12:41) [mrdonkey] it was your bridge to certain pop success huh?
[samgirlx] exactly
[samgirlx] if we just had eight tracks of digital tape
[samgirlx] and i could sing
[samgirlx] and rich wasn’t a numpty on bass
(12:42) [mrdonkey] yeah, rich never did funk
[samgirlx] it was kind of his strength
[samgirlx] he played bass like no other
[samgirlx] we called it honey monster bass
[samgirlx] sort of awkward, lumpen
[samgirlx] stiff and dumb
(12:43) [mrdonkey] not in a musical way at least
(12:43) [mrdonkey] i’ll have to give you a copy of this jim o’rourke dat of andrew’s
(12:43) [mrdonkey] it’s four hours of ambient ‘hanging out’ with big jim
[samgirlx] hey, whats that…vague bells…
[samgirlx] is it music?
(12:44) [mrdonkey] jim walks on roads, walks on gravel gets an answer phone message from a happy german and makes train journeys
[samgirlx] i hate fucking jim or rourke
(12:44) [mrdonkey] it has a bit of ‘performance’ in it
(12:44) [mrdonkey] and typing
(12:44) [mrdonkey] and cooking
(12:44) [mrdonkey] and more train sounds
[samgirlx] i’m composing a thing for my diary
(12:45) [mrdonkey] and a bit of rain
[samgirlx] he’s a stupidass
[samgirlx] i’ll like to beat him up
[samgirlx] with my brother
[samgirlx] slap him around a bit
(12:45) [mrdonkey] i saw a bit of sonic youth playing ‘live’ at, er, was it the v festival…
[samgirlx] teach him what for
[samgirlx] i hate sonic youth
[samgirlx] especially now
(12:46) [mrdonkey] and it was really embarassing
[samgirlx] since they got that cunt o rourke in
(12:46) [mrdonkey] like watching someones parents rocking out
[samgirlx] jesus
[samgirlx] that’s my destiny
[samgirlx] well, my present reality
(12:46) [mrdonkey] and they look a bit like r e m
(12:47) [mrdonkey] or at least the drummer does
[samgirlx] i hate rem
(12:47) [mrdonkey] i hate rem
(12:47) [mrdonkey] so much
(12:47) [mrdonkey] but not as much as u2
[samgirlx] hate hate hate
(12:47) [mrdonkey] H A T E
[samgirlx] ah, U2 are alright
[samgirlx] good bunch of guys
(12:47) [mrdonkey] u2? alright?
[samgirlx] he he
(12:47) [mrdonkey] c u n t s
[samgirlx] what about edges hats?
[samgirlx] adam
[samgirlx] etc
(12:48) [mrdonkey] no
(12:48) [mrdonkey] no
(12:48) [mrdonkey] no
(12:48) [mrdonkey] no
(12:48) [mrdonkey] hate
(12:48) [mrdonkey] HATE!
[samgirlx] syd is screaming at me
[samgirlx] and I’m laughing my head off
[samgirlx] “why are you laughing”?
(12:49) [mrdonkey] did the string not satisfy him?
[samgirlx] he says…
[samgirlx] you know how it is with string
[samgirlx] the joy wears off
(12:50) [mrdonkey] im listening to ‘i’m confessin (that i love you)’ again by mr monk
[samgirlx] i’ll give it a sniff
(12:50) [mrdonkey] i love that song
[samgirlx] i’d better go
(12:50) [mrdonkey] i’m learning to play it on the guitar
[samgirlx] uh…watch out
[samgirlx] former laptop artist andrew coleman
[samgirlx] in collaboration with leafcutter john and the edge
[samgirlx] plays the music of monk
[samgirlx] wish you lived round the corner and we could have quick, focused conversation about shuttles
[samgirlx] maybe with a powerpoint presentaion
[samgirlx] cos I feel a bit like a girl
[samgirlx] who wants a new car
(12:54) [mrdonkey] the shuttle site has lots of info
[samgirlx] its nauseating
(12:54) [mrdonkey] just look up ST20G5
[samgirlx] yeah? but will i understand it
(12:54) [mrdonkey] er, mostly
[samgirlx] OK
(12:54) [mrdonkey] at least you can see how nice and shiny it is
[samgirlx] its more about the config
[samgirlx] cos I haven’t a clue about the bits, more or less
[samgirlx] one motherbaord versus another etc
[samgirlx] fast and shiny, please
[samgirlx] in lemon yellow
(12:56) [mrdonkey] it’s ‘brushed aluminium’
(12:56) [mrdonkey] like a 1970’s stereo
[samgirlx] alright
[samgirlx] awlright!
[samgirlx] wish it had teak effect sides
[samgirlx] like my old DAT
[samgirlx] that died
(12:58) [mrdonkey] yeah, a teak sided shuttle would be ‘the bomb’
[samgirlx] hey guess what? My DV camera magically started working again
(12:58) [mrdonkey] the curse lifted?
(12:58) [mrdonkey] energies shifted?
[samgirlx] like my minidisc player
[samgirlx] i left it alone for ages
[samgirlx] and shazaamm
[samgirlx] recently i keep sitting in cars with people and they won’t start at first
[samgirlx] and the people go “that’s weird”
[samgirlx] “that’s never happened before”
(12:59) [mrdonkey] ;o
[samgirlx] the military should study my brain wave patterns
[samgirlx] maybe i’ve been smoking too long
[samgirlx] once i had a brain scan and I could hear the guys in the booth on headphones (by mistake) and they we’re going “what’s wrong with this damn thing?”
(13:01) [mrdonkey] i can well imagine
[samgirlx] fucked up
(13:01) [mrdonkey] think of it as a special gift
[samgirlx] or a curse, basically
(13:02) [mrdonkey] like a super hero
(13:02) [mrdonkey] with a special power
[samgirlx] yup, voodoo man
[samgirlx] he fucks up your gear
[samgirlx] magically
[samgirlx] with his characteristic exclamation “oh shit…”
(13:04) [mrdonkey] well, at least you’d look good in the costume
[samgirlx] “i’m getting a weird error message…”
(13:04) [mrdonkey] spandex
[samgirlx] yeah a big V
[samgirlx] on the arse seat
(13:06) [mrdonkey] right, i’m going to go and twiddle knobs in a vaguely musical way
[samgirlx] cool. i have 6 days of scooby doo
(13:06) [mrdonkey] i’m really loving ableton live
(13:06) [mrdonkey] more than ever
[samgirlx] let me know if you want me to spend some money
(13:07) [mrdonkey] you should use it on your new machine. i can equip you with a monster sound library
[samgirlx] i did think i ought to look into it again
[samgirlx] what about logic?
[samgirlx] its all i know these days
(13:07) [mrdonkey] i have some serious breaks, drums and sample cds since getting broadband
[samgirlx] and i don’t know much about that
(13:08) [mrdonkey] you wont want to use logic after a bit of time with live
(13:08) [mrdonkey] logic is much harder to use than live
(13:08) [mrdonkey] honest
[samgirlx] can you see your wavs in a linear environment?
(13:08) [mrdonkey] i need to get you and dave together for a live tutorial
(13:08) [mrdonkey] yes, there’s a very good arrange view
[samgirlx] sounds good
[samgirlx] so i can edit and automate just like logic?
(13:09) [mrdonkey] infact, audio is
really fun to use in
live (13:09) [mrdonkey] as you can strech it around very very easily
(13:09) [mrdonkey] and loops will automatically stretch to fit a bpm
(13:10) [mrdonkey] automation is very easy as well
(13:10) [mrdonkey] better than logic
[samgirlx] build me a machine and teach me to use it
[samgirlx] and fix it when it breaks, this is all i ask of you
(13:11) [mrdonkey] lol
(13:11) [mrdonkey] always the optimist
[samgirlx] your curse
[samgirlx] is me
[samgirlx] ……………..ok, i’ll let you go
[samgirlx] i have to write “danger” on a piece of paper for syd

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The Ministry Of Shite   Leave a comment

I’m a fan of the documentary form, and when reality TV came along it felt as though the format had been created for me personally. I’ve watched almost all of all of every series of Big Brother, and I’ve had to defend myself and my tastes for this fact. Up until about two-thirds of the way through the most recent house, I have felt no shame. However, in the last few weeks I’ve found myself feeling like a voyeur who is watching some form of social torture. It’s not as though I like the housemates, and I’ve watched Kerry Whassname eating flies on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here and simply sneered, but I felt pangs, people, this time around. It seemed kind of sick. I can’t explain exactly what I mean, but I had a sudden sense of what it might be like to live in a PERVERTED MEDIA DICTATORSHIP, where people are caged in human hutches and forced to do demeaning things for the twisted pleasure of others. I think Endemol might have some kind of hubris shit going on, because I keep expecting them to tone it down. I’m living in a dreamland, obviously, because Davina MacCall keeps popping up and subsuming the unacceptable face of media intrusion with her remarkable brand of populist professionalism. Am I actually making a point in English here? Possibly not. I saw Craig being interviewed by Dermot O’Leary, with his parents sat next to him, and Dermot was asking him about his “relationship” with Anthony. Even Craig, who must be one of the most deluded people on earth, was looking at the camera as if to say “what!?” Dermot O’Leary is meant to be a Catholic. Sorry, foaming at the mouth again.

But yes, Craig and Anthony when Anthony was drunk, and the Kinga thing with the bottle. I did laugh.

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My July 7th   Leave a comment

July 7th was my brother’s birthday, and I had my driving theory test booked. I was sitting in front of my PC going through the CD-ROM again and again because I hadn’t actually done any revision until about two days before the test. I was a bit hungover and really, really tired. My dad had already texted me at about 9AM to ask how I’d got on. He tends to take his paternal obligations and run away with them sometimes, because my test wasn’t until two in the afternoon. This is why when he called me I answered a little snappily, but he just wanted to know where I was because bombs were going off on London tube lines. I ran round Sam’s and switched on the TV, and sat there for half an hour watching a fixed camera feed me some subtle awfulness. Eventually Sam came in and asked why I wasn’t revising. I pointed wordlessly at the screen. “It’s just a few poxy attacks,” she said.

If we live in fear, that’s what the terrorists want; because that’s how they know they are winning. In certain quarters however, they evidently still have some distance to cover.

The guy at the test centre informed me that my results were “extraordinarily good”. I take some pride in this, and some comfort, because I’m fucking rubbish at the actual business of driving. I’m going to leave Paul, my driving instructor, because it’s just not working out. I lack confidence, apparently, and when he tried to take me onto the A14 I started crying and beating my own face with my fists. He doesn’t understand me.

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No, I’m not dead. Just having some voodoo-related travils. Andrew, my PC mechanic, sent me this link, which seems to give some scientific basis to my rantings about voodoo:

Fucked up, huh?

I’ve only ever played at The Spreadeagle (Shoreditch) twice, but on both occasions I’ve bought a kebab from the place across the road. The first time they forgot to charge me, so when I went back I tried to pretend I was in Psychic TV and I could get free kebabs whenever I liked, just by having slightly mad staring eyes. It worked! So there you are kids, you can alter your reality by mind control.

Having said that, the gig itself was characterised by feelings of being very much at the mercy of exterior realities. This was my second gig as part of Phil’s Psychotropic Carousel, along with Adrian (cello, keyboard), Mark (homemade machine that used to belong to Mount Vernon Arts Lab), Nicole (very loud guitar) and of course the Spaceman himself. I was on inaudible tape machine and FX. You were meant to be able to hear the FX but because everything else was so loud the tape stuff just distorted to fuck when I added FX so mainly I just stood there and tried not to get angry or cry. Me and Phil had some signals worked out using bicycle lights but they became confusing and irrelevant. Then the NOW band had the gig from hell. That was weird.

OK, I’m just testing out this diary thing so I’ll close here. I’m at the Albany tonight in London with the Hat if anyone’s interested. I can’t send you a mail about it because your address is on my dead PC.


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