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July 7th was my brother’s birthday, and I had my driving theory test booked. I was sitting in front of my PC going through the CD-ROM again and again because I hadn’t actually done any revision until about two days before the test. I was a bit hungover and really, really tired. My dad had already texted me at about 9AM to ask how I’d got on. He tends to take his paternal obligations and run away with them sometimes, because my test wasn’t until two in the afternoon. This is why when he called me I answered a little snappily, but he just wanted to know where I was because bombs were going off on London tube lines. I ran round Sam’s and switched on the TV, and sat there for half an hour watching a fixed camera feed me some subtle awfulness. Eventually Sam came in and asked why I wasn’t revising. I pointed wordlessly at the screen. “It’s just a few poxy attacks,” she said.

If we live in fear, that’s what the terrorists want; because that’s how they know they are winning. In certain quarters however, they evidently still have some distance to cover.

The guy at the test centre informed me that my results were “extraordinarily good”. I take some pride in this, and some comfort, because I’m fucking rubbish at the actual business of driving. I’m going to leave Paul, my driving instructor, because it’s just not working out. I lack confidence, apparently, and when he tried to take me onto the A14 I started crying and beating my own face with my fists. He doesn’t understand me.

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