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No, I’m not dead. Just having some voodoo-related travils. Andrew, my PC mechanic, sent me this link, which seems to give some scientific basis to my rantings about voodoo:


Fucked up, huh?

I’ve only ever played at The Spreadeagle (Shoreditch) twice, but on both occasions I’ve bought a kebab from the place across the road. The first time they forgot to charge me, so when I went back I tried to pretend I was in Psychic TV and I could get free kebabs whenever I liked, just by having slightly mad staring eyes. It worked! So there you are kids, you can alter your reality by mind control.

Having said that, the gig itself was characterised by feelings of being very much at the mercy of exterior realities. This was my second gig as part of Phil’s Psychotropic Carousel, along with Adrian (cello, keyboard), Mark (homemade machine that used to belong to Mount Vernon Arts Lab), Nicole (very loud guitar) and of course the Spaceman himself. I was on inaudible tape machine and FX. You were meant to be able to hear the FX but because everything else was so loud the tape stuff just distorted to fuck when I added FX so mainly I just stood there and tried not to get angry or cry. Me and Phil had some signals worked out using bicycle lights but they became confusing and irrelevant. Then the NOW band had the gig from hell. That was weird.

OK, I’m just testing out this diary thing so I’ll close here. I’m at the Albany tonight in London with the Hat if anyone’s interested. I can’t send you a mail about it because your address is on my dead PC.


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