Why I Hate Jim O'Rourke   Leave a comment

What I hate about Jim O’Rourke is his ubiquity. Him joining Sonic Youth was the last straw for me. Like, why? I’m deeply suspicious of Sonic Youth anyway, who seemed to have marketed themselves into all the rock non-fiction books I read with distasteful ease, if you know what I mean. And when you look at all the collaborations that both parties seem to have cynically engineered for their own careerist purposes, for Jim O’Rourke to join Sonic Youth is like coming home to find Hitler and Stalin sat round your kitchen table with about two biscuits left in the packet. I understand to a certain extent because I collect things too, but with Jim and Thurston and Co it’s not enough to find that erotically rare record that freaks revere because its got people bashing things on it, you actually go and use your cultural purchasing power to get the guy that made the record and install him in your living room. Then you press record and you play a little guitar along as he scrapes the chair along the floor or whatever. Fucking vampiric business practice. Or am I the cynical one? I don’t really like Sonic Youth I guess, even though I have about 6 of their albums, ha ha. The Ciccone Youth one is alright, bits of Goo, Daydream Nation…I just don’t like their sound. I don’t like that guitar sound. And I don’t like Kim’s voice at all. Yeah, so Sonic Youth are overrated for me. Influential as hell but overrated. Mind you when Phil played with Lee Renaldo and Text Of Light or whatever they were called I was a bit thrilled because Lee was after some weed and I was holding but I chickened out of giving him some because then I’d have had to have met him. But O’Rourke is the one that gets on my tits. He’s too fucking ambitious to be properly leftfield for me. I read some interview where he was bitching about the internet because it meant that 20 year olds were accusing him of ripping off John Fahey. Ha ha! Actually I’m not that familiar with his work. I know Eureka and I almost like some of it but it’s so fucking clever and tasteful and well-executed that you half feel like a cunt just listening to it. Once I was at Bad Timing or Upgrade and Afterlife, which are two local weirdy music nights that some pals of mine run coincidentally, and Jo dropped this really interesting tune and I eagerly asked what it was and it turned out to be JOR, just my luck. The other day I downloaded Jim Hotel Computer and it pissed the fuck off out of me because it sounded like a bored guy playing with his laptop somewhere, more killing time than anything else. And I was sweating away there in the kitchen, you know, working for a living rather than releasing a record every five minutes just because you’ve conned the world that you’re deep rather than just a bit fat. Yeah, it’s the fucking barefaced ubiquity of the cunt. That’s why I did my song Jim O’Rourke Was In New York, because for him to be personally caught up in the events of 9/11 seemed to be taking the piss somewhat.

Next week: Face It Lads, Autechre Are Shit.

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