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says this:

tripel 004 coming soon!
tripel’s 4th release is our most ambitious to date. a spilt picture disk LP featuring UM and ascoltare, mastered by the gaeoudjiparl (mainpal inv, V/Vm, datanorm, skipp) at the famous dubplates & mastering in berlin.

this release will be available from mid to late october. WTS!

which refers to the forthcoming UM Vs. Ascoltare split 12″ picture disk, copies of which were delivered to the Tripel HQ only the other night, whereupon we all got really wasted to celebrate how cool it looked and how fucking amazingly perfect it sounded. Ten cheers for the Goodiepal, Pride of The Faroes, who recorded our stuff onto reel to reel tape (allegedly, because you never know exactly where you are with the Goodiepal) and then did the final mastering at Berlin’s famously top notch Dubplates & Mastering. Anyway, I’m just telling you because I’m excited about it. More details on or after the proper release date.

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