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I’m really sorry to drone on and on like La Monte fucking Young about Tripel 004 but I just wanted to clear something up. You know the picture on my side? It’s not crap Photoshop, but rather an actual scan of a photo of my grandfather. No, of course it isn’t, but it’s a scan of a picture I got from an amusement arcade in St Ives. There was this machine for the production of said comedy photos, and you could super-impose your face onto that of a baby or whatever. I’d had a few drinks, obviously, but I put a lot of effort into getting the position of my head and my facial expression just so in order to produce maximum realisticicality, and when the finished article popped out of the slot I raised both arms in the air in triumph and let out a heartfelt “Yessss!” As I spun round I came face to face with two large security operatives from the arcade, who had watched me do the whole thing. I felt a proper charlie. Anyway, the point is that it would seem a bit of a weak, sub-Aphexian visual in-gag if there wasn’t some kind of wider history there, and plus I just gave a whole collection of potential pictures to the designers to choose from, and that was the one they picked.

Oh yeah, but the picture on the Giraffe CD-R with Tony Blair rubbing my back? That is crap Photoshop.

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