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Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 6:46 pm

Artist: UM / Ascoltare Title: Picture Disk Label: Tripel Records Format: Vinyl A Side = UM – Giraffe (refined) B Side = Ascoltare – Fatty Parts For A Good Match

The UM side seems to be a collection of bizarre twisted made up songs from a man who could eigher be a genius of some pished up englishman who’s been at the buckie and started to freestyle strange stories to entertain his mates after a realy heavy night on the raz and his mates think he may have had enough so are trying to keep the buckie away from his grasping mits but he’s wrecked and dosnt notice his mates hoggin the fall down juice so he carries on regardless changing the whole song every so often to keep his mates from singing along with him cos he’s a loner and enjoys keeping a me and them feal to life as he dosent wont them to get to close to him incase they die and he’s left with the funeral expence to deal with and no one wonts that kinda pish but i think i must agree with ascoltare who thinks he’s a genius theres somthing special going on in that lads head and its probably best to let it out than allowing it to fester like a half drunk lager wich has been under your bed for 4months and you dont go near it as your skud mags are up the other end

and on the flip is ascoltare, its like david lynch, guy maddin, chris morris, accelera deck producing a radio version of those cooking shows wich are so good on a hung over saturday morning its one of those records that keeps me on my toes not from dancing but as soon as i sit down i keep thinking to my self, is that on at the right speed? ideal for the start of those haunting abstract mixes i enjoy so much this has that old lad, Rick Stein suddenly becoming realy menacing as he quizes some french/american lass what she makes of his cooking over random drones and sounds wich id guess were recorded and then fiddled with until the the creators girl freind walked out the flat as he realy wasnt helping her migrane as i watched tv last night i caught his show and noticed that he never actualy eats his own cooking fucks that all about? id love to see what Ascoltare could do with ready steady cook’s uber camp and yet married presenter why do grannys love camp characters on telly? the studio audiance is nearly all purple and orange rinsed coffin dodgers im sure the entire show id dubed later on as they cant pick up any one talking over the mass of sound of wurthers originals smacking off false teath This release is very much like eraserhead, not every one will like in fact its fucked but its also some thing rather special think random noises like being underground with a a strange gonzo muso singing spontanious songs and a huge plough wrecking the burrom you live in ala the rats of nimh while theres a electrical fly killing machine buzzing away as its in the middle of a giant wasp nest wich apeared one day after you had went on a bit of a bender and the tv had its ariel nicked but its the only source of light in the room so you leave it on well thats about it go buy it http://www.tripelrecords.com/releases/um-ascoltare-picture-disk.php

Well, I’ve done three gigs with it in my bag and no-one’s bought one yet…

Tell you what though, we’re virtually running out of the Strange Lights 7″s, so it’s early days I guess. If you know anything about record collecting I’m sure you’ll be getting a bit sweaty and thinking about having a pop because there’s nothing rarer than a record that nobody bought in the first place.

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