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Dear Pete

Painfully accurate about the APU gig. One of the strangest nights in recent memory. The thing that got me about the crowd was how weirdly normal they all were, not even indie kids. Indie kids I can handle, they were just…nothing. Anywayyyy, been reading a backlog of your diary entries, hadn’t looked for a while. Your deeply amusing O’Rourke tract reminded me of my own connected O’Rourke saga.
A couple of years ago me and Nik (my partner in the Booze) used to write this webzine called Get Retarded, kind of just two music geeks amusing themselves type of deal, you can probably imagine. Perhaps our finest hour was the Wire Drinking Game. This Involved reading the wire with a nearby drinks cabinet, with a list of instructions such as ‘Every mention of Derek Bailey – one shot’ , ‘Thurston Moore does something Jazz – two shots’ and so on. We were rather pleased with ourselves for roasting the hell out of them with our pomposity pistols, so emailed them a link to see if they enjoyed our largely affectionate tribute. They actually really did, and gave us a mention in their internet column. The little mention also referenced a Jim O’Rourke review I’d written. We were quite happy, showed everyone we knew etc.
A little while later our friend Jim was on the cover of said mag, the interview you mention in your piece where he decries ‘Kids on the internet accusing him of ripping off John Fahey’ etc. I thought nothing of this until a little while later it suddenly came to me: JOR probably reads the Wire, let’s face it. Had he seen the mention of him in the description of our zine? Had he read my review where I described Bad Timing as something like his ‘John Fahey album’? It all seemed eminently possible. Of course I can’t prove a thing, but also, I could be right!
So in that little rant of his, He could in fact be talking about yours truly! I do like his music, but I agree with everything you say about him and Sonic youth, the relentless, self-serving elitism and egotism. He also said something like ‘You hadn’t even heard of Fahey until 2 years ago, asshole!’. Well that’s rich seeing as how he’d done more than almost anyone in bringing the great man to the surface once again, producing and touring with him, citing his importance. It seems that really he’d just like to keep his music for himself, the elitist bastard.
So yeah, screw that guy! His dress sense is terrible too.
Thanks a lot for reading this far, hope you found it interesting.
PS, Kid 606 emailed us around the time to tell us how much he loved the Wire drinking game. I introduced myself to him at a gig in Birmingham and he shook my hand in admiration! That was september 10th, 2001. The next day, planes hit the twin towers, nearly killing…Jim O’Rourke. Funny old world.

Every cowboy sings a sad, sad song.


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