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I was going to make a speech at last night’s Bad Timing birthday gig but I forgot because I’m an arse and I was drinking Stella. It would have gone something like:

“…Just wanted to thank Bad Timing and congratulate them for all their efforts over the past four years because I think they’ve gone a long way towards putting Cambridge on the map for leftfield music stuff and they’ve certainly helped me in my comedy career and I think it’s fitting that Simon’s doing a gig over at CB2 tonight and we can still pull a crowd here and if Bad Timing fell down a hole tomorrow there’d still be other promoters bringing interesting things and people to Cambridge and if you’d have told me that five years ago I’d have laughed bitterly into my beer, so cheers and thankyou for the music etc…”

It occurs to me at this point that I ought to reference the fact that other promoters have historically brought interesting music to Cambridge (I’ve seen Fela Kuti at the Junction, for instance, and I used to work for Shebeen Arts & Music at the Boat Race, after a fashion) but I’m talking about a consistent programme of underground music, or whatever.

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