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There can’t be many people who read this diary who aren’t on my mailing list, but if there are this is what Tripel are saying:

hi pete um,

All mail to info

Forgive us; it’s been a while. Some exciting news from the tripel towers.

Our picture plate release is finally in the shops after having travelled a staggering distance. Special thanks to Gaeoudjiparl (Goodiepal) for escorting it both physically and sonically from his Faroe Island abode to ‘Dubplates and Mastering in Berlin where Pole apperently works. The audiotapes were mastered and cut to lacquer before making its way to the Czech Republic for manufacturing. The magic 12’ves are now safely at Office Tripel and a good supply have now been sent to numerous distributors and shops.

This split LP features 15 compositional shorts by UM and 1 plunder collage by Ascoltare, plus selected Gordon Ramsay rants cut for your pleasure. To view the record and read our press please go here.

The UM’s side gathers the best of his self- released classic Giraffe. Vague comparisons have been made to artists such as Vivian Stanshaw, Syd Barrett, Solex, Harco Pront, Voks, The Residents,
Meadow House and even Kool Keith. However UM’s work is not easy to pin down. Although there are some distinguishable reference points to be considered, many comparisons don’t particularly hold up and should be argued against whilst hearing UM’s music.

On the flip Ascoltare collates samples from reality TV chefs and binds together a mixture of musique concrete styles with yokes found within free composition and improv. Eccentric organ licks and music-library inspired textures float effortlessly around meaty montages of Iron Chef Judges and British foodies. Added ingredients include Rick Stein, Keith Floyd and Gordon Ramsey all of who undergo the pitch up & down treatment.

This record will be streamed by The Wire magazine We will keep you posted as to when this happens.

A lovely review of this record can be found here.

All of Tripel/Dubbel’s catalogue can be purchased our paypal shop as well as a small selection of other records which we’ve stumbled across. Please visit

Other news:
Ascoltare interview.
To find out more about the inner workings of Ascoltare’s current heady state, read an interview conducted by Mark E from I really love music.

UM on O’Rourke
To view UM’s legendry ‘I hate O’Rourke’ thread, please go here!


oh what the heck! here’s office tripel’s current listening.

sensational – speaks for itself
gaeoudjiparl – vvmt24
keith hudson and friends – studio kinda cloudy
UM – bum skipper 1 & 2
slits – cut
VA/ microphone attack 74-78
voks – vaks vanskab ak
sly stone – high on you
henry jacobs – the wide weird world of henry Jacobs
merzbow – merzbird
sabbat – sabbatical holocaust
auto repeat – def jam

You can also buy the disc via Boomkat, and possibly Cargo if you ask them specifically for it.

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