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If you go to The Wire website right now you can see links to some MP3 selections from UMM and Ascoltaire but the links don’t work.

The other week at a party I was sat next to a very drunk chappie who played a CD of his band playing at The Junction from way, way back. The guitarist was a 14 year old Jamie Lidell. It was that funky indie sound they used to call baggy.

Lidell’s new album annoys the piss out of me. It’s so cleverly arranged and musical and he really does sound a bit like one of those great singers of a different era and race. It’d be really handy to have in your house if you had some people over who weren’t really that into music. I’ve never seen Lidell live, but I’ve heard talk that he’s good. I heard a recording of something he did building up loops on the fly and it was astonishingly adept and must have been ace to watch. That’s something I always wanted to do as Um, as well as the shit he does with cameras and stuff, but I’ve never had the motivation or the balls. This is one of the reasons he gets on my tits. I guess I feel sorry for him though, ultimately.

I don’t trust that MIA LP either. That’s a very well put-together record, but her shtick winds me up. That cutesy-fighter thing. I was going to write something speculating that she’s a bit of an arse but then I read an interview and she seemed quite bearable and interesting, and could talk the walk. It’s these high- achiever types that rile me. Successes, you know?

Another of my friend’s bands got signed to EMI recently.

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