Mrs. Gee delivered by rickshaw to open proceedings.   Leave a comment

Lord Charles got married yesterday and my synapses aren’t firing at all well. My brother made a speech. He was introduced by the father of the bride as the person who had lead Charlie astray. If you follow this logic through you get to Satan, via me, I presume.

Got an appointment with Dr Farrant later so I suppose I better have a bath.

As far as I’m concerned my tax situation is pretty legit but every year for the past three years they send me something saying my contributions have a shortfall and I might want to cough up in case I don’t get a pension. This year they reckon I owe them £97.30. Last time I got one of these letters I phoned them up and it was the typical Kafka thing where you get a friendly guy on the phone who says something like “The situation is very complicated and I am powerless to help and your options are endless but your actions may well be futile but it probably doesn’t matter or mean anything in the long run.”

Um has been played on the radio in Serbia and Montenegro.

The Wire is now streaming Um/Ascoltare material efficiently under our real names.

My 12″ vinyl LP of Ariel Pink’s Doldrums failed to arrive today but they, Cargo, did manage to send me two CD singles by a band called Louie, so I expect it’s the thought that counts.

Interesting Um gigs are materialising.

When I checked the charts on Boomkat earlier for the Electronica/Quirky sales in the last 9 months I noticed that the Um 7″ on Strange Lights was both at No. 46 and No. 54. How quirky is that? Seems to have been sorted now though…

Um was mentioned in a positive light by my chums Captain on Radio One during their encounter with Steve Lamaq. Looks like I might be playing to a crowd on the 15th.

Felix Kubin’s baby daughter has managed to be reviewed in The Wire before I have. She probably has bags of self-belief or something.

I didn’t really see much of the Mill Road Winter Fair because I would have missed Mrs Gee being delivered by rickshaw to open the proceedings and everything seemed a bit 2nd rate after that, but what I caught of the fag-end of the day had elements that I approved of. Now that we are getting used to Subway and Pizza Hut are about to open it was good to our local, multicultural trading community pulling together in celebration. Yeah, something like that.

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