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Bumskipper 1

Analogue Hope.
This is just an Oberheim Matrix 1000 and a Line 6 DL4 Delay modeler getting to know each other.
The Devil Chortles At Human Wickedness.
OK, in the video for this:
The camera pans in slowly during the first section of the tune to reveal the cross section of a house. On the downstairs floor I am seen watching the news. The news is bad, of course. My face is worn with care. Then, during the second section, we see the upstairs floor, where the devil, played by Bobby J (covered in red paint, moist with sweat, and in his pants) is also watching the news. He is chuckling to himself, perhaps a bit like Rod Rippin watching Only Fools And Horses.
This Is The Sound Of Lavender.
I think this is more DL4 and Dave’s ADAT, possibly? Has a unique smell to me.
This is me trying to make people like Nathan and Charlie laugh.
White Smith.
Here we see the White Smith at work.
The Raven.
This bird is mysterious in a BBC kind of way.
Oh My Days.
The artist finds life tough.
This is a piece for dancers. The proper, poncey kind who wear vests and flappy trousers.
The Sunny Side Of The Moon.
See you there!
Migration moves me greatly. It is a kind of death, but then some say death is a kind of migration.
This is an extract from the massive 40+ minute Romantik reel-to-reel tape, recorded during some voodoo period. I hear a new world.

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