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Word up.

Now, many of you have written in to point out that AFX actually released Analord 10 first, and therefore Bumskipper 1 was out of sequence. This was not an error, however. Richard releases his stuff out of sequence, and so, therefore, do I. Unfortunately, due to an error, the CD due to be released as Bumskipper 2 has had to be renamed Bumskipper 3. This CD is available now. Bumskipper 2 will be so in due course. Well, in actual fact you can buy Bumskipper(s) 1-4 at http://www.tripelrecords.com/shop/related.php for £3:50 (this is an error, PayPal scam most of this back off me so the real price should be £4, so if you’d just as soon send me a cheque to 8 Argyle Street, please do so) or via some other kind of agreement made through this address.

Um 3″ Bumskipper “3” Sleevenotes

OK, let’s re-imagine…

1. Ipswich Community Radio.

Performance art pansy? At least he’s honest.

2. Um For Free.

This is a sort of cover of Take A Chance On Me by Abba, with my obscure but sizable hard drive re-imagined as Agnetha and Frida’s famous femininities.

3. Mack Mummy.

The video of this will begin with the camera following a woman’s arse swaying down the street. Then there’ll be a shot of a horse’s rear end in motion from a similar angle, and then just random street scenes of people’s bums. Or possibly this idiot bottom footage will be interspersed with me doing that hip-hop throwdown thing with my arms, but when it’s looking as if I’m about to begin spitting a few bars it’ll cut to back to bums every time.

4. RDJ Central African Christmas.

The video for this is some washed-out Super 8 stuff of an Aphex-lookalike (or is it the real deal?) giving and receiving pressies amongst indigenous folk in a rural tropical location. Everybody looks really happy and only Richard looks like Richard.

5. Baldhead.

Rasta reasoning Romsey-style. The gown end of town re-imagined as Babylon.

6. Romantik 1 (to 11:51)

The second-hand reel-to-reel tape I recorded this jizz over simply bears the legend “Romantik 1”.

7. French Honey.

Oozy loop-pedalling. Sensuous pastoral idyll shit, like some buttery peasant plunging her naked forearms into a woven basket of ripe pears.

8. The Forces Of Evil Have Travelcards.

Co-incidentally recorded before the bombings. Got another one called Islam Is On The Train, which wasn’t prophecy either. I’m not trying to be offensive (or clever) here, is what I’m saying.

9. Gaia In Hobbles.

This is the sound of the earth spirit limping brokenly home like a fucked up and over-whipped old donkey, as imagined by a miserable hippy. Perhaps the American reviewer who called me a protest singer was right, because this is turning into a fun-sized political album, for God’s sake.

10. Parent Artist.

The art of rearing and raising, and the magick spell cast by the Father Of Us All that gives us the urge to regenerate. The song questions the mystery in the history in a pretentious and unintentionally mystical way.

11. Your Daddy Down Home.

To think that we used to have servants.

12. We Will Bounce You.

Syd took a shine to this puppy techno, and Phil likes it too. Music for bouncing.

13. Romantik 1 (to 32:08).

The extermination of mice is impossible. I heard a story only yesterday on the radio where a man threw a mouse on a fire. The mouse escaped from the fire and ran back inside the man’s house, which caught fire from the mouse’s burning fur and burned to the ground. This is a bit like how it is with the war, I feel.

14. The Professor

Dotty and so on, but he knows his stuff.

15. Boggs.

There’s a bit of me (doing stuff) on this at the end but otherwise it’s just something from Soulseek where something’s obviously gone a bit wrong with the codecs somewhere. If you listen to it long enough the song turns into itself.


Thanks for reading everyone. A pox on the Bush Administration!

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