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Man From Uranus teaches Lily Savage to play the theremin!

People from Channel 4 have been in contact with the spaceman. If we all cross our fingers we should see him on the Paul O’Grady show in March, performing one song and then leading the host through a larkabout theremin lesson. I, for one, cannot wait for this spectacle. Phil there in his moonbase coat and slippers amidst the baubles and glitter! Fuck yeah.

In other news about me:

A small possibility that I was going to do some gigs in Greece has fallen through. There was a space on the VOV tourbus, but then it got filled by an actual member of the band. Perhaps having Dimitri in charge of my life for four days would have been too chaotic for an old guy like me anyway.

There is a similar absolutely fucking tiny chance that I might get to play in France too, courtesy of the man Puyo Puyo. Given that my tour diaries seem to have stalled in Holland/February last year I might as well tell you that while I dozed on Felix Kubin’s floor (Hamburg, circa September?) a Puyo Puyo sticker mysteriously appeared on my little snakeskin record box that everybody seems to love. By November I was in Rotterdam sharing a bunk with Pascal hisself, and now it appears that if we don’t get ambushed by the economic realities we could all too likely be ambushed by, I could be in Nantes, France, in March.

Also, there has been a strange run on Bumskippers of late. Dave has been rushed off his feet, apparently. New one out soon…

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