Bumskipper 2 (formerly 3) formally released   Leave a comment

Bumskipper 2 (formerly 3) sleevenotes.

Just an intro ting…
The MPC 2000 is famous for the sense of funkiness or swing it can introduce to a simple beat, but I can’t seem to find out how you do that.
Napalm Heritage
This would be performed by Vietnamese schoolchildren during a state visit by Donald Rumsfeld.
Decent 70s America
For a different time. (I really don’t know where this political stuff comes from. I might as well be Chumbawumba).
Streatham Walk
This is a song for walking like you a badass, even if you ain’t.
Easy To Do
This is me boasting that something has rubbed off on my ears when listening to JJ Cale records.
New Phil
This is the odd couple of me and Phil playing with a child’s toy. What a pair of prannies.
Just to prove that there were outtakes from Giraffe Outtakes, here’s this rare tune. In it a vegan imagines himself wandering around a farm.
Slow Loukas
I did a whole load of stuff before the Teac had to go back to the yogic cult, and this was some of it slowed down.
The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
Humility is achievable if you just believe in yourself.
Michael In His Cups
Alcohol is a downer. Just ask Michael. Actually, don’t bother. I wrote this for Keijo Heino to play next time he’s drunk.
This Old Man Came Rolling Home
Of course some downers are better than others.
Cold, Sad And Out-Of-It.
As I was here, pretending to be the indie Sensational with the built-in mic of an MP3 recorder and a looping pedal.
GPO’s Mother.
Meditation on Genesis’ old dear for OSCar synth and Electro-Harmonix Memory Man.

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