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Eventually I got sick of the Fopp profligacy, but then I suddenly got into Ebay in a big way. Lately I’ve been mostly buying (all vinyl):

Dollar Brand – Ancient Africa
Sensational – Beats, Rhymes & Styles
Daevid Allen – Dividedalienplaybax80
Daevid Allen & Kramer – Who’s Afraid?
Bongwater – Too Much Sleep
Bongwater – Breaking No New Ground
Bongwater – The Power Of Pussy
Baby Bird – Happiest Man Alive
J.M.E – Serious (12″)
Schoolly D – Smoke Some Kill
Schoolly D – Smoke Some Kill (12″)
Schoolly D – Parkside 5-2 (12″)
Schoolly D – Dedication To All B-Boys (12″)
Angus MacLise – Astral Collapse
Depth Charge – Disco Vixen (2X12″)
Oliver Lake – Holding Together
Klark Kent – Too Kool To Kalypso (7″)
Klark Kent – Don’t Care (7″)
Klark Kent – Away From Home (7″)
Stewart Copeland – Rumblefish OST
Various Artists – New Beat Take 3
Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together (7″)
(I wanted the above for the b-side)
Augustus Pablo – The Red Sea
Kenickie – Punka (I didn’t really want this. It’s the Skillex one I want, but that’s another story).

So, any serious music nut should be able to read my palm from that lot.

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