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In my last post I didn’t give much of a coherent update on the voodoo situation, which was, at that time:

Terrible over-arching voodoo vanquished by throwing away parts of computer and replacing them.
Access issues to admin section of http://www.umbusiness.co.uk sorted out, enabling updates therein.

As it stands the current situation remains the same although I don’t appear to be able to update the gigs part of the site. This isn’t as bad as it could be because I seem to have stopped doing gigs, or almost.

I can update the diary section, but I’m not doing so well with the motivation to do so. This RSI thing is a complete fucker, also.

I was just wasting time and money on EBay when I noticed a copy of a tune called Eanie Meany by one Jim Noir fetching bids of £41. I’d never heard of the dude so I dl-ed the LP. First tune was called My Patch, which I liked. It made me think of Alexis, and I wondered if he was down with this Noir shit. Then I checked Norman Records, who are good at that kind of thing, to see if there was some Noir product about, sevens and so on, and it seems you can buy two versions of My Patch in that format, one featuring a Hot Chip remix, natch, for fucks sake.

Not so sure about the rest of the album though. Bit light, innit? I’m a bit more BDSM when it comes to checking out new shit. I’m a bit of a struggle junkie. I’m a bit wayyy, a bit wahhh.

So, local boy Syd Barrett is dead. When I was at college I used to walk past his old house everyday and try and draw psychic power from it, but I never felt any going in. We used to know an old girlfriend of his, who would come round for pot, an amazingly well-preserved, spacey mature student. At one point she kind of cornered me in my room and I was thinking mostly of the rock kudos but I found out later that she was just somewhat physically friendly, or routinely infringed boundaries of personal space. She did have a thing with one of our number though, although I’m fucked if I could ever get my head round that, or what it consisted of exactly.

The weird thing about Syd is that everybody loves a bit of Syd, and now he’s gone, but it feels weird because he’s been gone for so long already.

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