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Madonna and Child were in the bath the other day when Syd observed a resemblance between female genitalia and “something from Scooby Doo”, by which he meant some nefarious entity for the gang to unmask.
“Or Doctor Who!” he elaborated, and launched into his familiar “dunga dudda duh dung” mantra of the theme tune.
“Christ! What would that be on Top Trumps, Syd?” I wondered, caught up in the hysteric idiocy.
“Yeah, darkness 100!” he exclaimed in mock horror.

He never shuts up for a minute, and we are so hardly into the holidays.

What would happen if I couldn’t keep going any more? Would I have to cut and paste all my diary entries into my MySpace blog or into Blogger? And what if at some point I was moved along again? Would I have to keep cutting and pasting my online presence like some itinerant art-hobo, or perhaps some delusional and sodden tramp with too much baggage? I’m quite excited by the possibilities afforded by being able to show short films, write bollocks and upload songs to Blogger (I don’t know why I had to wait for Dave to do it to realize that it was within my actual grasp – I do read lots of blogs) and yet I fear that I cannot rely on Blogger or MySpace or YouTube or Megaupload to guarantee my existence or underwrite my soul or just hang onto Um files for all eternity, and indeed why should they? Still, it is a kind of broadcast system for the silly, and that’s what I always wanted.

While I was writing what I just wrote Word crashed and I had to film the non-responsive program in order to recreate it as was. I’ll put it on YouTube now. And Blogger.

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