That European Tour I Can NEver Finish…   Leave a comment

Gee, this stuff sure is a long time ago now…

(to recap briefly: Pete Um is on a sort of “tour” doing a few dates in Germany and Holland, I think in February 2005)

Yeah, so there I am in Rotterdam with my new pal Teppei, waiting for our hosts to show us to this “campsite” that we’re meant to be staying in for the night. Turns out that they are not joking, because the campsite is totally real, and is in fact an indoor campsite. One of the buildings that these people have been given the use of is some kind of old bar/restaurant and they’ve converted about half the floor space into a ridiculous fake campsite, with real tents pitched on Astroturf! In fact, as we are ushered into this surreal environment, a girlish voice yells “Hi! We’re your groupies!” from within one of the tents. We realize this is a joke, but we laugh nervously.
Then Peter bids us goodnight by saying “OK, I’m going to go now. I hope you have a nice…conversation…” and giving me an amused grin. Perhaps he sensed that I was feeling a little unnerved by the prospect of getting very quietly stoned in a fake campsite with two sleeping Dutch women and a very shy Japanese dude who spoke next to no English. Luckily I had nothing to fear as the empathic qualities of the weed and the fact that me and Teppei were fluent in the international language of weird-music addiction made for an extremely pleasant little bifter session. A typical exchange went something like:
“You know… Suicide?”
“Ah, Suicide! I love Suicide! Really, really good!”
“Yeah, really good.”
He told me about how he spent some time alone in some kind of hut in one of Japan’s national parks, a place where marijuana grew wild and bears roamed free. It sounded nice but I think I might have got extra scared of the bears.
Eventually I went to bed and as I lay there in the darkness I realised to my profound surprise that I wasn’t a paranoid and quivering mess, and that, moreover, I was actually enjoying the tour in general. It was quite a shock, and it gave me confidence for the remaining leg of the tour.

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