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Hi, just popping in for our monthly checkup. News in brief is that I have proper full-blown RSI and I’m not allowed on the computer, if you haven’t heard by now. Also there are plans afoot to quietly do away with this site and replace it with one with a more modern, upbeat, funky and fresh appearance. All sorts of ideas are being discussed and nothing is taboo. For instance, we might have to get rid of the apes. If you strongly disagree with this please join the Save The Apes campaign by sending an email to containing the words

don’t touch those fucking apes you sick creep

Donations can be made by going to and buying that bloody picture disc that Dave spent about 900 quid on.

Other news:

Was genuinely touched that The Chap have used my “You’re Wrong” idea (see “proposals” under “lists” I think)in one of their songs and that Claire from Captain has got me into the NME, sort of. Also Stephen O’Malley, in a move of quite breathtaking cynicism, even for him, has stolen some of my YouTube footage of the Pita Vs. Z’ev gig and used it on his site to make out like he’s got some connection with these people, for fuck’s sake. (click on Words)

Thanks to Jo BT for bringing this to my attention.

OK. Serious pain in hand.

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