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Historic Site Re-opens To The Public.   2 comments

Man, I can’t believe it. Props to my webmaster. So are RSS posse getting this or do they need to sign up again?

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Dracula’s Lunch   2 comments

Dracula’s Lunch MP3

I believe this was first commercially available on the Um CD-R release “A Small-Scale Operation”, but correct me if I’m wrong. I think it might be from around the turn of the century, but I might be wrong about that too. Actually it might be post-2001 because I recall making it round Sam’s, which might indicate some concurrent weight of responsibility. The methods and equipment might also point to Um field operations, which fits the above scenario too. Anyway, I have a memory of lying on a white bedspread with a small Casio, most probably the PT-80, recording little phrases through a distortion pedal (Boss DS-1?) into my Sony MZ-R37 minidisc recorder. At a later date I sampled these recordings on Sam’s Windows 95-style technology and cut them into loops, and arranged this song in Audiomulch (some distant-past beta version).

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