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Album Launch Gig with The Doozer and C. Joynes!   2 comments


 22nd APRIL……
The Portland Arms

Press, yeah?

A celebration of 3 albums released by labels Bo’Weavil, Pickled Egg & Gagarin Records for C Joynes, The Doozer and Um respectively.

Each will perform a set as well as DJing tunes, in a night of hallucinatory guitar movings and pop inflicted experimentalism. They’ve been in their furrow, come join them.

C JOYNES see’s highly respected London based label Bo’Weavil recordings release his 2nd album (previously privately pressed on limited edition cdr) ‘God Feeds the Ravens’. Joynes plays guitar music in the post-Takoma tradition. He always maintains a distinct Englishness to his sound, as shown by his self-penned footnote ‘Anglo-Naïve And Contemporary Parlour Guitar’.

THE DOOZER see’s his debut album released by Pickled Egg Records (home to Daniel Johnston, Scatter etc). He recently toured the UK for 2 weeks with MV&EE (Ecstatic Peace) and formed part of The Golden Road. He write folk tales and hallucinations from the Mill Road area with wider eyes on gathering grounds.

UM needs no introduction round these parts, a singular entity who produces the most sublime experimental, unique and in some cases downright ‘pop’ classics. He sees some of his 4000 odd songs released on Felix Kubin’s label Gagarin.

Please come if you can. Latest indications are that I may actually have an album to launch at the album launch, which I think would be a real bonus conceptually, although of course it’s all grist.

Autechre Studio Robbery   2 comments

Autechre Studio Robbery MP3

This is definitely ADAT-type material. I was thinking of a couple of ne’er-do-wells padding around in Sean and Robs’ studio, fingering the knobs on the machines.

Sounds like MPC 2000, some Moogerfrooger love, some Electrix filtering, even some thumb piano and guitar.


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A Different Time   Leave a comment

A Different Time MP3

This was some ADAT shit done in Sam’s cupboard. Or was it done on a reel-to-reel?

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Tonight's free gig on Hills Road, Cambridge   1 comment


Octopus Ride! with Wave67, Um and Misterlee
Saturday 5th April 2008

Venue: The Globe Ale House
Category: Gigs & Live Music
One Liner: Noisy fun
Price Info: Free!
Time Info: 8.30-1am

April’s Octopus Ride! celebrates spring with a selection of dirty, bouncy, noisy and just plain brilliant music. There’s the brutal electro-rock of Wave67, who will lift you up by your hippy long hair and drag you to the dancefloor by the shortest route possible. There’s the uncategorisable magnificence of Um, a man who uses his Minidisc player as a weapon. And, from Leicester, there’s the extraordinary Misterlee, who create a shuddering sonic pile-up out of free jazz guitar, primitive beatboxes and treated vocals.

As ever, it’s completely and utterly free to get in, the fun starts at 8.30, and when the live music finishes at 11, DJ Steve will kick you in the head with a succession of tracks that you’ll love despite not knowing who they’re by.

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