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Nacht-Radio Rock-Zeit
01:05, 24.07.2008
Am Mikrofon: Günther Janssen

Slapped Actress (The Hold Steady) (5’12)
The Hold Steady
LC 11945

So Everyone (W.Oldham) (3’53)
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy
LC 10192

Something To Say (M.Topley-Bird) (3’23)
Martina Topley-Bird
LC 02050

Replica (Beck) (3’22)
LC 05667

Dyin’ Alone (M.P.Hinson) (4’40)
Micah P.Hinson
LC 14591

Furry’s Monday Woman Blues (W.Lewis) (9’27)
Furry Lewis
LC 10879

A Light From The Mountains (S.Griffin) (4’57)
The Coal Porters

The Guru Let Me Down (P.Um) (2’20)
Pete Um
Gagarin Records GR 2018

Honor Wishes (J.Wasser) (4’33)
Joan As Police Woman
LC 07800

Metaluna (Psapp Remix) (Pram) (3’20)
LC 10192

Lament (M.Jacaszek) (6’52)
Gusstaff Records GRAM0802

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