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Felix reckons his show has some reach.

—– Ursprüngliche Nachricht —–

Montag, 21. Juli 2008 12:13:46 Uhr
Speichern unter…
Von: Ed Benndorf
Thema: GR2018 – NDR Nachtclub
An: Felix Knoth
NDR Info
20.07.2008, 00.05 – 2:00

angeschlossen: RB, SWR, HR, RBB, WDR, SR, BR, MDR

Letter from God to Man Dans le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip Dan le Sac Vs
Scroobius Pip Sunday Best 07800 Promo Angles 3.55

Girls & Boys The Subways The Subways Infectious 14666 2564695271 All
or Nothing 3.32

Suburban Nietzsche Freak Fuck Dress Fuck Dress Nrone 00000 Nr29
Suburban Nietzsche Freak 3.31

Platform Moon Jupiter One Jupiter One Cordless 00000 Promo Jupiter One

Look Up Oppenheimer Oppenheimer Fantastic Plastic 00000 Promo Take
the whole mid-range and boost it 2.14

The Matter Warren Suicide Warren Suicide Shitkatapult 00000 Strike 93
Requiem for a missing link 5.23

Alice Practice Crystal Castles Crystal Castles Different/PIAS 07800
4511200028 Crystal Castles 2.39

Happy day today Jim Noir Jim Noir My Dad Recordings 00000 my020cd Jim
Noir 5.08

I lust you Neo Neon Neon Neon Lex 00000 Promo Stainless Style 3.00

Birthday The Accidental The Accidental Full time hobby 14591 Promo
There were wolves 1.58

All you pretty things Bowie David Bowie RCA 03160 cl13844 Hunky Dory

Sentimental heart Deschanel She & Him Double six 00000 ds0009cdp
Volume One 2.38

Borrowed your gun Pierce Spiritualized V2 01801 vvr1051102 Songs in
A&E 3.35

Glitches’n’Bugs The Shortwave Set The Shortwave Set Wall of Sound
07800 woso30cd Replica Sun Machine 3.28

Chemtrails Beck Beck xl 05867 xlcd369 Modern Guilt 4.39

Getting it Wrong Linkous Sparklehorse Capitol 00542 7094624 Dreamt
for light years in the belly of a mountain 2.17

Olive Hearts Bowerbirds Bowerbirds Dead Oceans 00000 doco17 Hymns for
a dark horse 5.29

Robot command centre Dark Captain Light Captain Dark Captain Light
Captain Loaf 00000 Loaf 17 Circles 4.06

Water curses Animal Collective Animal Collective Domino 10192
Rug287cdp Water Curses 3.25

Hebelus Rolf Allroh Graumann/Trost 00000 Graumann/Trost TR097 NYM 7.04

Brotherhood of Man Peris The Innocence Mission Fargo 11945 Fargo 0096
We walked in song 3.28

Sleep a million years Joyce Vetiver Fat Cat 00000 fatcd75 Thing of
the past 2.53

Leviathan, bound Shearwater Shearwater Matador 11552 ole777-2 Rook 2.52

The Social Astronaut Um Pete Um Gagarin 00000 GR2018 No Pressure 3.53

Evil Urges My Morning Jacket My Morning Jacket Rough Trade 11945
Rtradcd465 Evil Urges 5.09

Funny to think of this coming out of German radios in the night.

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