Um thing streamed tonight, it would seem.   Leave a comment


The guy sent me the playlist after the event, which I couldn’t get to listen to. I know the songs pretty well though.

Playlist 25.7.08


Proof of Concept – Product of Experience
Pete Um – Soul Bruise
Pete Um – The God of War
Proof of Concept – View from above
Pete Um – The social Astronaut
Proof of Concept – Belle Journee Pour Les Reveurs
Pete Um – Holy Fire (Candie Hank Rmx)
Proof of Concept – Me one you none
Pete Um – The man’s got me beat
Proof of Concept – Cacophony
Pete Um – Wriggle on
Proof of Concept – It was a train
Pete Um – Indigenous Craftsman
Geskia – We are
Pete Um – Um for free
Daedelus – Make it so (Moonstarr Rmx Instr.)
Daedelus – Make it so (Moonstarr Rmx)
Geskia – 2Hour/Seahoses
Thanks Frank!

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