"…the new wave of whirring odd-hop and downtempo gibbercore…"   1 comment

The very, very good people at Norman Records are now selling No Pressure. I like Norman Records a lot. I find they often sell stuff cheaper than other online places, and can also be a good place to look if somewhere else has sold out of something. Anyway, they wrote this about the record:


Pete Um is a right mentalist. He does that whole bubbling, woozy electronic soundscape/ seriously bent electronic thing with warped absurdist poetry spread over the top like thick weird aural word gravy. This is dance music for people who have pink rubber furniture & sport 70s porn ‘taches without an hint of irony. ‘No Pressure’ it’s called is this album and i’m suitably impressed. Junk shop electronica from a one man mind mental, there’s some seriously barmy, disjointed vibes bouncing around in these bendy but catchy grooves. John Callahan, early Baby Bird, Wevie Stonder, Felix Kubin & Manchester’s wonderful Superqueens are handy reference points. For such an eccentric slab of vinyl, there’s much satisfaction to be had from repeated listens. With the current electronica world caught in some kind of strange purist rut, either minimal techno or (yawn) dubstep being the choice of many a backpacking uber spod, I think the time is nigh for the new wave of whirring odd-hop and downtempo gibbercore. Lovely warm production with a very human & quirky feel, you get a mix of playful electro, ambient snippets, stagger-beats, voice manipulation, wayward mogadon-techno and a vast array of beguiling electronic noises. This remarkable album could even work as the modern equivalent of a radiophonic workshop experiment, there’s some smart little tunes on here, my faveourite being ‘Holy Fire’ (Candie Hank remix). If you yearn for something a little different and individual then this vinyl shoulkd be in your bag. A highly inventive chap indeed! Ltd to 350 for the world, in a well colourful sleeve, inc lyric insert on the pioneering label, Gagarin

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  1. And this is what they thought of my rekkid (oh how I wish now that I’d included an MFUM track on the comp) :

    Swiftly moving on to Man From Uranus with their brand new album called ‘Amazing Science Friction Volume One’. The picture of the shite alien on the press release swung me to bang this on the stereo as soon as it arrived. It was all a bit too Blake Seven for Brett who’ is the official office ‘Mr HD’. This rules…. bonkers electronics in a library music styling which I think is gonna appeal to folks who like the Radiophonic Workshop gear as well as Ghost Box shenanigans. It’s probably a bit more playful than those folks though….. think of the music a 1970’s super computer would be making on an Open University special. It does go a bit spazzed out and fans of Agoskodo Teliverek will recognise a song from their album on here played with MFA. It’s a lot of fun though and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Lots of spaceship whirring noises and outer space weirdness pervade this 23 track funstick but as a child brought up on Sapphire & Steel this rules my world. Well recommended!!

    They were happy about it, not exstatic tho.

    I do however have a European tour too now in November, France and Belgium, because I released this CD. I’m patting myself on the back.
    MFU’s first long player vinyl out in a month. Now that’ll be somethin.
    I hope they make a good one.

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