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Some more reviews translated by the estimable Nathan Blunt once again. By the way I apologise for relentlessly posting all this press for the record and tour. It’s only driven in part by some desperate need to feel appreciated – the rest is just so I’ve got it all in one place for archival purposes. Nobody reads this thing anyway, right?

OK, the first one is from something called Schlendrian. What a great word.

No Pressure: The Hamburg label for the particular taste in music with a futher nugget, for which amusement and artistic claims are not two separate things. Sketches and DIY, playfulness and almost finished pop songs in one colourful folded bag made of blotting paper. They disappear as fast as they arrive, but they leave something like resonant sweetness in the ear, which doesn’t so much stick, as crystalise.
Gagarin Records) ap” 

And the second is from something called Westzeit:

“Also fairly weird is the horse-breeder PETE UM, who on “NO PRESSURE” (Gagarin Rec./A-Musik/Stora) offers 18 more or less little quickies from twisted tape-loops, cheap synths and unorthodox song-writing. Dada love-songs which for example would appeal to Ariel Pink. I can understand.” 

Thanks again Nathan!

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