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Microscopic God   Leave a comment

Lyrics to an old song:
Because the microscopic lord’s in the mouse
Because the omnipresent game is what’s about
Because the dust in the bricks of your house
Is a piece of God that waits while you are out
Because the spit on the tongue of a dog
Even the poison in the rain forest frog
Are fractions of a good and natural God
Even the shit upon the drug dealer’s shoes
And the crack that he sells to the youth
Are a section of a universal truth
It’s a section of a universal truth

Seems respectful, but a bit cheeky at the same time.

I’m not religious innit? I’m an existential comedy shaman, but I keep an open mind. The purest expression of skepticism is to believe that anything might be possible. When people say there is no God it sounds like vanity to me, or hubris as Richard Brown used to say in his Suffolk accent. But when people talk about their God it sounds like mumbo-jumbo.

I beleive in voodoo though. I just had to restart my computer because when I clicked on the “back” arrow on my browser it asked me where I wanted to save the page, and when I closed the browser and tried to reopen it using a shortcut it told me what properties the application had. Now that’s voodoo.

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Start your day with DC.   Leave a comment

Walking away from the school gates this morning towards my bike, not quite catching people’s eyes, rain dripping off my hat, I make way for a scrawny traffic warden in an outsized coat. In a minute or so we fall in step again, and I notice with amusement that he is regarding a what-would-be illegally parked vehicle, were the owner not behind the wheel and obviously about to leave. Before he does leave, however, he is allowing the intro of an AC/DC song (which I couldn’t place) to build. The music is very loud but muffled inside the car. The driver is looking back at the traffic warden, he is wearing a black leather jacket, he is rocking his upper body in time to the riff and he has a slightly goofy look of pleasure on his face. It is perhaps the sort of goofy look of pleasure that someone quite goofy might get from just about getting away with something in front of some other goof, and maybe even wondering whether they will get away with it, but set to a gloriously macho rock riff. The scene is a beautiful contrast to the Mums and Dads hurrying quietly and purposefully off to work in the rain.

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Spot The Real Ben down the old dole Tree, roger…   Leave a comment


Gig w/ Max Tundra this Friday. I'm DJing too!   1 comment

maxtower.jpgOne night with Max Tundra

London Cargo, free entry

Time and PlaceStart Time:
Friday, January 30, 2009 at 8:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 3:00am
83 Rivington Street
London, United Kingdom

MAX TUNDRA (Domino) – live



PETE UM (Gagarin) – live

G£NUIN£ GUY (Tigerbass) – DJ set


8 pm-3 am. Free entry.

A night curated by Max Tundra, and promoted by Cargo & Julie Tippex

Max Tundra “Parallax Error Beheads You” (Domino)
Released 19/10/08

On edge about being Restless   Leave a comment

Seems I’ve gone improv, just cos Chris is a nice guy and all. Think I will providing incongruent tempos and melodies for people who can actually play instruments and shit. I think I’m going to use various outmoded playback devices and a malfunctioning Electrix Repeater to feed them through.


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Mike Polar in Munich   Leave a comment

This dude Mr Mike Polar, some friend of Thimitris’, contacted me to tell me he was intending to see me play in Munchen, so him and his buddy travel from..uh… Hanover, I think. I was a bit suspicious of such singlemindedness, to be honest, but when I met Mike and his friend they turned out to be extremely pleasant and intelligent individuals. Anyway, here’s some snaps Mike took:


pete_munich_7.jpg pete_munich_4.jpg pete_munich_6.jpg pete_munich_2.jpgpete_munich_5.jpg 

And here’s a nice picture of me and Mike. He’s holding a copy of Bumskipper 5, which in turn has a photo of our mutual friend Thimitris, aka Dimitri aka Dans Mon Salon with everybody’s pal Mr Richard D James.


He’s also taken the time to upload some footage to YouTube. I haven’t watched all of it because what I have looks quite considerably worse than the memories I have but ain’t that just the way, especially with the good gigs.

Transmission Zero Success!   Leave a comment

My pal Gordon asked me to send him an MP3 of the old Um live favourite “Casiotone“, which I duly did whilst warning him it was pretty fucking awful on a great many levels, not least of which was the so-called production. He wanted it for his guest spot on a radio show, and happily he agreed with me about Casiotone and played something else.
Transmission Zero 24 : Gordon curates

January 09, 2009 11:15 AM PST
Track listing for podcast:

Dirty Three – Sirena
Taken from the Album “Ocean Songs” 1998 (Bella union)

Sinfonye – Mia Jrmana fremosa treides comigo
Taken from the Album “Bella Domna” 1988 (Hyperion)

Glissandro 70 – Portugal rua rua
Taken from the Album “Glissandro 70” 2006 (Constellation)

Dirty Projectors – Six pack
Taken from the Album “Rise above” 2007 (Dead oceans)

Boom bip and Doseone – The bird catcher
Taken from the Album “Circle” 2002 (leaf)

Um – Too old for sports (Ginners)
Taken from the Album “Giraffe” 2004

Um – The mans got me beat
Taken from the Album “The new album” 2003

Rudimentary peni – B ward
Taken from the Album “e.p’s of Rudimentary peni” 1981 (Corpus Christi)

Cutting Pink with knives – My head is full of teeth
Taken from the Album “Oh, wow!” 2006 (Adaadat)

Al Brooker – Cuterama
Taken from the Album “Quixotic” 2002 (Bella union)

Don Cherry – Brown rice
Taken from the Album “Brown Rice” 1975 (A & M records)

The Jesus lizard – If you had lips
Taken from the Album “Head” 1990 (Touch and go)

Blurt – Puppeteer
Taken from the Album “A factory quartet” 1980 (Factory)

Duke Ellington – Arabesque cookie
Taken from the Album “The nutcracker suit” 1960 (Columbia)

Listen with Sarah – Blue parsley
Taken from the Album “are you sitting comfortably” 2004 (womb)

Mahalia Jackson – Trouble of the world
Taken from the Album “The best of Mahalia Jackson” 1995 (sony)