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Walking away from the school gates this morning towards my bike, not quite catching people’s eyes, rain dripping off my hat, I make way for a scrawny traffic warden in an outsized coat. In a minute or so we fall in step again, and I notice with amusement that he is regarding a what-would-be illegally parked vehicle, were the owner not behind the wheel and obviously about to leave. Before he does leave, however, he is allowing the intro of an AC/DC song (which I couldn’t place) to build. The music is very loud but muffled inside the car. The driver is looking back at the traffic warden, he is wearing a black leather jacket, he is rocking his upper body in time to the riff and he has a slightly goofy look of pleasure on his face. It is perhaps the sort of goofy look of pleasure that someone quite goofy might get from just about getting away with something in front of some other goof, and maybe even wondering whether they will get away with it, but set to a gloriously macho rock riff. The scene is a beautiful contrast to the Mums and Dads hurrying quietly and purposefully off to work in the rain.

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