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Lyrics to an old song:
Because the microscopic lord’s in the mouse
Because the omnipresent game is what’s about
Because the dust in the bricks of your house
Is a piece of God that waits while you are out
Because the spit on the tongue of a dog
Even the poison in the rain forest frog
Are fractions of a good and natural God
Even the shit upon the drug dealer’s shoes
And the crack that he sells to the youth
Are a section of a universal truth
It’s a section of a universal truth

Seems respectful, but a bit cheeky at the same time.

I’m not religious innit? I’m an existential comedy shaman, but I keep an open mind. The purest expression of skepticism is to believe that anything might be possible. When people say there is no God it sounds like vanity to me, or hubris as Richard Brown used to say in his Suffolk accent. But when people talk about their God it sounds like mumbo-jumbo.

I beleive in voodoo though. I just had to restart my computer because when I clicked on the “back” arrow on my browser it asked me where I wanted to save the page, and when I closed the browser and tried to reopen it using a shortcut it told me what properties the application had. Now that’s voodoo.

Posted January 29, 2009 by peteum2013 in old songs, pete um, voodoo

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