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Bob's 4 Rules Of Rock   5 comments

I’d been good to myself all of last week but I took my therapist’s advice and got really good and fucked upon Saturday night. On Sunday Bob was on the wagon but he took one look at me on Sunday morning and took me to the pub for breakfast out of the sheer goodness of his heart and the evil shit that his liver has to putup with. He sat me down and explained to me Bob’s 4 Rules Of Rock, which are all patently nonsense and yet somehow have something of the Socratic about them. The Rules are:

1. The Beatles didn’t do anything worth a damn until Revolver.
2. If you were on a desert island you’d be better off having all the Stones albums than The Beatles albums.
3. If The Who had all died on their ’71 tour no-one should be sad.
4. At any given point you are better off listening to Led Zep than any of the above bands.

Then two English brothers turned up with two Polish sisters, for the second time in 24 hours. The elder brother has been told to wear jeans when he turns up for work at Morgan Stanley next week. We were talking about heartbreak and death and that Cher song came on the jukebox and the younger brother revealed that he was working in HMV when Believe was at Number One and when people would ask for that Cher song he would pull a blank face and ask them to sing it.

OK, gotta go.


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It must be great to be in Ween.   Leave a comment

Me and Dave and Bobby return to this one again and again due to its kind of effortlessly silly transcendent beauty. Apparently they were really caned.

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Sex With Brian Eno   Leave a comment

I was quite pleasantly surprised at Brian Eno’s honesty about his sexual appetites when I read his “A Year” book (although annoyed at the way that his artist’s life comfortably dicking about with stuff didn’t seem to have many parallels with what I possibly imagined as my heroically scuzzy bohemian grinding). I think he comes across as quite the dude here, unlike Paul Morley, who I feel should be able to edit himself a little better. If not at the time, then at least after the fact, surely?

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Bad dope science.   2 comments

Was looking for a picture of the delightful Jacqui Smith when I stumbled upon some fascinating facts about cannabis and politics and media spin.


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Um Badges in production.   1 comment

Andy T was kind enough to let me borrow his badgemaker. Available at all Um gigs for 30p. Only trouble is there aren’t any Um gigs, so let me know if you want one of them too.

s7301725.JPG       web_badges_1.jpg

Click to enlarge, baby.

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Mullen & Maya Vision   Leave a comment

A young friend of mine has used some of my stuff for the soundtrack to this footage of Cambridge stencil artist Maya at work.

Uploaded by Cambridge_super8_festival

Thanks Johann!   Leave a comment

Some guy in Germany called Johann bought Bumskippers 1 & 10, and in this economic climate everybody here at Umbusiness would like to reach out and personally thank the man!


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Trend analyst   Leave a comment

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Shades   Leave a comment

This young man from the insurance ad was able to make me gasp with loathing in seconds because he seemed to embody a whole raft of infinitely hateable things with just a few gormless Satan-cocksucking words and a twatty face, but look, today I somehow stumbled upon whole minutes of the cunt talking arse, for fuck’s sake. I mean Christ, just look at this if you can bear it:

As ever, the comments after the YouTube clip are instructive in one way or another.

Just in case you need to quickly distract yourself from sinking your teeth into your own flesh just to feel something real, here’s God’s own postmodernist Guy Debord with an antidote of sorts:


HE HAIR IS IN A BOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   2 comments

Check out the comments after the clip.

Does this kind of thing count as an incitement to religious violence, cos it makes me feel a bit jihadi and I’m from fucking Guildford…

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