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I was searching for BOP TV on YouTube cos I’ve got this small motherlode of stuff from the 80s on VHS that I really must get around to uploading some day soon and I found this and a whole load of other videos from Botswana. This clip in particular reminded me of all kinds of things, triggered by the tones and rhythms in the guitar playing and the way the drunken-looking woman dances. One day I ought to do a little film about how the music of this region moves me like no other.

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5 responses to “No matata.

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  1. She is drunk. Check out that juice she’s drinking. man I so wanna be there too, daning like a goon on brown sand.

    The Fly in the Anuxxx
  2. Shit, I didn’t notice her chug-a-lug before, possibly because I was drunk. I’m guessing what she’s enjoying is a fermented maize drink which I never felt the urge to try when I was out there. An ad for the popular commercial version is above.

    Some info about Chibuku here:

    Funny it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry that I could see.

  3. More goodness here.

    I chose this clip because of Mango. Because of her dancing.

  4. This old dude has outlived his musical ear perhaps, as I have some beautiful recordings of this instrument with vocal accompaniment, but that’s by-the-by. Next time you hear my “Eyes” song – the segaba is the riff you hear all the way through.

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