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I hearby announce the birth of a new imprint called GRIST.

This will be the home of all subsequent domestically-produced releases for Um and/or Pete Um artefacts. I would also hope to document work by other artists that might not see the light of day elsewhere. Indeed the primary goal of the GRIST label will be a documentary one and not a commercial enterprise. That would be daft.

The first release will be a cassette-only production (ha ha). This is it:

GRIST 0001 Spring Tapes 2007. (£2.50+£1.50p&p) Paypal or come round my house.

Hereafter the format will almost exclusively be CD-R, with free downloadable MP3s to expand Um-consciousness.

Anyway, from here on in, it’s all GRIST.

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5 responses to “Grist.

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  1. whoohoo!

  2. Ludicrously tasty..

  3. how about a trade for that khaen tape? i owe you money. i’m gonna drop it in your house, in an envelope. OK?

  4. For sure man.

  5. On the case.


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