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Horrible dream about the apocalypse last night, but I have to admit it was beautifully rendered by my unconscious. Culminated with me and a few faceless others atop a verdant coastal cliff in a storm, the sea a violently plunging mess of water, and the sudden appearance of a herd of elephants lumbering right up to us like some awful Gaia-authorised symbol of reproach. I even ended up hugging the trunk of a brown elephant in desperate solidarity like fucking Michael Jackson. When I awoke I was amazed to see I’d only been asleep for a couple of hours, so drained did I feel having witnessed the end of days itself.

Saw the Weather Lady from a long way off up Gwydir Street this morning, and stopped myself from crossing the road to avoid her awkward observations (after all, I’d just slept through the apocalypse so I might have snapped entirely if she’d remarked on what a nice day it was, even though it was indeed quite pleasant out). As she passed me I glanced at her to see evidence of her bizarre narrowcast random communication tic forming on her oddly inscrutable face but she seemed to be trying to discern something from my expression at the same time and we went by each other almost in the curious way that dogs do before one of them suddenly decides they’re hard enough and lunges with a snarl.

I am experiencing some problems with this website. I can’t post pictures and I’m also saddened that there is no way for people to access old blog entries without the linear-and-reverse method of repeated clicking on “older entries”. A lot of what I’ve written here I am happy to forget but there is the odd chunk here and there that I’m quite pleased with. I think what I might do is reblog some of the better bits in the usual places, possibly even here, and see if Tumblr-generated twitter links hustle up any love for my retro text action. Perhaps a Boomkat-style gush to herald each classic re-issue would help.

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