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Same Old Me   Leave a comment

Feel more enthusiastic about this than most things today:

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Happy New Year   7 comments

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"Are you ready for a Green Paartaaay!?"   1 comment

Look out for the tall singer of short songs at the end of this vid. I’m really aggrieved because the day before the gig I went into Sally Ann’s and they had a pair of outsize Incredible Hulk green foam rubber hands which I considered buying as a stage prop for general Um use down The Portland or whatever but rejected the idea as contributing to the too much stuff problem. Then when I got home I suddenly imagined walking onstage at a benefit for The Green Party in front of 1800 people in these comedy fists, doing a power salute and enquiring whether they were “…ready for a Green Paartaaay!?” thought ‘Oh my God’ and rushed back to score them. Alas, like so many things in Sally Ann, you don’t get a second chance to think about it and the buggers had gone. They were only 80p as well.

Thanks to Andrzej Sosnowski for sending me the film.

Green Party Thom Yorke Gig 25/02/2010 from Andrzej (Dr Zej) Sosnowski on Vimeo.

Black pitch.   Leave a comment

Here’s an idea for a script: On the edge of ecological calamity The Greens are swept to world government power on a wave of concern for the environment and for the survival of humanity in general. United by a common goal the world’s peoples work together to successfully avert catastrophe and for a time the Earth and humankind are bathed in a strange and wonderful new atmosphere of harmony and positivity. However, then the responsibility of power begins to eat at the idealism of the Green leaders and everything reverts to the usual dumb brutal bollocks in next to no time.


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Felix Kubin uses Korg synthesizers.   2 comments

Last night Dave brought goat curry round in a taxi and we drank a lot of wine and talked about how old synths are great and the MS-20 in particular and what a great shame it was that I ran out of DV tape that time when I attempted to film the tutorial that Felix Kubin gave us at Ashvale. Dave lent him his own Korg while Felix was on tour in the UK and in return Felix shared some of his knowledge of the instrument, which is prodigious. He knows it inside and out to the extent that he actually took it apart to adjust something, feeling around in its innards like a veteran veterinarian. We felt like little boys, and in fact I was so in awe that hardly a damn thing he said went in. There was just too much information. In fact it was a masterclass for a pair of idiots, as I hope Dave will agree. Anyway, in our discussion about MS-20s and Felix Kubin last night the subject of the difficulties associated with touring such instruments came up and it occurred to me that it’s a shame that Felix is an ambassador for a design classic that has long since ceased to be produced. In a perfect world, I reasoned, full-paged colour adverts would appear in music magazines showing a deadpan Felix Kubin with his arm resting casually over the MS-20 he had received free from Korg for life in part payment of the recognition of the role he had played in ensuring the machines ubiquity amongst practitioners of electronic music, amateurish fools or otherwise. If Dave had the money, I know for a fact that he would stump up for a super-ridiculous Goodiepal-pregnant guerilla-bollocks mega-meta culture-stunt type thing tomorrow, i.e. an advert in The Wire.

So, please send cash or more wine. I am on the dole and Dave works in the hospital.

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Records for sale.   Leave a comment

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Background Noise.   4 comments

Background: Noise ft. C Joynes + Cambridge Free Improvisation Soc. + Babygrand + Pete Um + more
Sunday 7th March 2010

Venue: Kettle’s Yard
Category: Gigs & Live Music
One Liner: Improv/inventions
Price Info: FREE
Time Info: 12noon-1pm

Improvisation and inventions from local artists working with sound, noise and mixing instrumentation with environmental and mechnical sound sources.

C Joynes (Bo’ Weavil Records) Innovative Cambridge guitarist now getting deservedly wider attention. Presenting new work using tapes/soundtrack techniques.

Cambridge Free Improvisation Society
Cambridge improv collective formed a few years ago and now putting out their first releases.
Previously seen at Crushing Death supporting Eric Chenaux at The Shop, as well as elsewhere in Cambridge.

Babygrand Norwich duo who use field recordings, musical saws, bowed metal, music boxes, mechanical birds, endless loops to create beautiful sound and music for close listening.

Pete Um Tapes and processing

Local Radio Cambridge-based sound and drone project using localised radio transmissions and exploring lo-fi sounds and spaces which began with a temporary installation at Kettle’s Yard in 2008.

L'etranger.   1 comment

Check this.

L’étranger : Almost Every Tuesday on Radio Panik 105.4FM, Brussels, 17h00-18h00

Scuffed weirdness, messthetics, stumbling pop twists, anarcho junk, occulture cries and whispers, artcore presented by Kosten Koper

This is really good actually. It’s weird to hear my YouTube videos re-imagined as radio.

This week the good doctor Koper leaned heavily upon selections from some of the 692 videos to be found in Pete Um’s Cinema Of Truth. A postscript to avant-premiere in Aalst of the collectively made film Marcel, two weeks ago, where Pete played live as part of an expanded cinema version of the film (which he narrates).

Stumbled over and mixed up on the spot using whatever… contrary to what the ne-sayers propagate.

Play or download (mp3, 55mb).


1. Pete Um – Pissed In Brussels
from You Tube video
2. Forest Swords – Wild beasts Hooting Howling Forest Swords Rework
from web site mp3
3. Pete Um – Cornish Paranoia Trip Pt. 9
from You Tube video
4. Ono – O Jackie O
from Machines That Kill LP (Thermodor, USA) 1982
5. Luis Alfaro – Los De Los
from Internal Journey CD (New Alliance, USA) 1994
6. Go Genre Everything – EyccHypnoblab
from My Space, 2010
7. Gabor Altorjay / Bazon Brock – 1967 Tafel performance
courtesy of Dr. Kubin
8. Pete Um – Post Party Pete
from You Tube video
9. Observers Observing Observables – Germans Playling Foosball
from web site mp3, recorded 1981


Pete Um – Don’t Try Helium, Kids
from You Tube video

10. Church Of Raism – Crimes Against Pussycat
from LP (Creation Records, UK) 1989
11. Dennis Cooper – Hello In There
from Voices of the Angels 2XLP (Freeway, USA) 1982
12. Empty Rituals – Hardcore
from 7″ (Mental Assualt, USA) 1983
13. Pete Um – Salon Republika 9 (extract)
from Vimeo video
14. Muntu Ensemble – Flight (From The Yellow Dog)
from Muntu Recordings CD (No Business Records, USA) recorded 1977
15. Jack Brewer & Kava – Punk’s Not Dead
from Major Punk Statement 7″ (Carducci Records, USA) 1990
16. Pete Um – On The End Of The World
from You Tube video
17. Schizo – The Voyager (with Gilles Deleuze)
from 7″(Disjuncta, France) 1972
18. Alien Kulture – Culture Crossover
from 7″ (RaR Records, UK) 1979
19. Pete Um – Salon Republika 8
from Vimeo video


Nudge Squidfish – Marriage Vows
from 7″ (New Age, USA) 1982

Jeffrey Lee Pierce – Chris And Maggie Meet Blind Willy McTell At A James Brown Concert
from Wildweek LP (Statik, USA) 1982

20. Ora Pro Nobis – Track 12
from Demo Cassette (No Label, Czecheslovakia) 1982
21. Pete Um – Communication
from You Tube video
22. Etant Donnes w/ Michael Gira – Track 05
from Offenbarung Und Untergang By Georg Trakl CD (Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L’Acier, France) 1999
23. Pete Um – Salon Republika 9
from Vimeo video
24. Stahlwerk 9 – Your Job In Germany
from Gloria Victis Vae Victis CD (War Office Propaganda, Poland) 2005


Gabor Altorjay / Bazon Brock – 1967 Tafel performance
courtesy of Dr. Kubin

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Awkward moments in the Cambridge music scene, Pts 1 & 2   Leave a comment

A few months ago I was fretting because I wanted to do a pedestrian overtake but there wasn’t quite enough room on the pavement without having to loom up behind the someone in their personal space in a potentially alarming manner and I felt particularly ill-at-ease about it because the someone was the bloke out of Hamfatter. Imagine being the bloke out of Hamfatter and then having that awful Pete Um bloke lurching up from behind!

Then the other day me and Ezio had to spend a fidgety half-hour in the dentist’s waiting room at Antwerp House. I was thinking “how come Ezio gets to play with his phone when I’ve dutifully switched mine off?” I wanted to ask him what it was like to be Tony Blair’s favourite band these days but obviously I just pretended I didn’t know who he was.

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