Philip Jeck Touched My Leg   2 comments

Last night I dreamed I was in an unfamiliar bedroom where Philip Jeck was doing a performance. I couldn’t actually see Jeck himself but the music was fairly intriguing. This is the second dream with a soundtrack I’ve had recently, and funnily enough in the other one I was playing tabletop guitar, and I was fucking excellent. Perhaps this is a sign that one is getting old, when one dreams about improvised music. I also woke up with Eno’s Back In Judy’s Jungle in my head so I guess that seals the deal. Or perhaps it’s something to do with Aphex. But yeah, in the Jeck dream I suddenly find myself lying on the bed listening to the music and then I feel a hand on my pyjama leg. In real life I don’t even wear pyjamas despite what it says in Holy fire. I flinch but the voice of Jeck enters my head and explains that he has placed sensors on my clothing that will affect the music. Yeah right Philip Jeck, you freak.

I like the way that in this dream I don’t actually see Jeck. I think this is because I only have a dim idea of what he looks like and my brain is avoiding this problem with the mise en scene.

First day of March and it’s sunny, which has contributed to an unusual feeling of cheer in my battered mind. I also have a rather nebulous sense of having been raised in profile on a local scale, so that could be contributing too. But I literally saw one squirrel chasing another round and round the garden this morning, and that was in and out of a pair of doves. On the way back from school I saw The Weather Lady and even quickly glanced at her face as she passed, but she said nothing. Then with staircase (or pavement in this case) wit I realised that if I was actually cheerful and it was actually nice weather it was probably meant to be me that was remarking on it to her. The world would have probably changed forever in an instant.

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  1. ‘Touched (By The Hand of Touch)’.

    The other day I dreamed that Richard D. James had allegedly died but I was travelling through the middle of nowhere and couldn’t get any more details. Can’t think what that could possibly signify…

  2. The Touch thing didn’t even occur to me when I wrote this but luckily we have BT, observer of obscure music triv/pun combos par excellence, to point it out. It’s funny that my subconscious can make the connection though!

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