Awkward moments in the Cambridge music scene, Pts 1 & 2   Leave a comment

A few months ago I was fretting because I wanted to do a pedestrian overtake but there wasn’t quite enough room on the pavement without having to loom up behind the someone in their personal space in a potentially alarming manner and I felt particularly ill-at-ease about it because the someone was the bloke out of Hamfatter. Imagine being the bloke out of Hamfatter and then having that awful Pete Um bloke lurching up from behind!

Then the other day me and Ezio had to spend a fidgety half-hour in the dentist’s waiting room at Antwerp House. I was thinking “how come Ezio gets to play with his phone when I’ve dutifully switched mine off?” I wanted to ask him what it was like to be Tony Blair’s favourite band these days but obviously I just pretended I didn’t know who he was.

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