"Are you ready for a Green Paartaaay!?"   1 comment

Look out for the tall singer of short songs at the end of this vid. I’m really aggrieved because the day before the gig I went into Sally Ann’s and they had a pair of outsize Incredible Hulk green foam rubber hands which I considered buying as a stage prop for general Um use down The Portland or whatever but rejected the idea as contributing to the too much stuff problem. Then when I got home I suddenly imagined walking onstage at a benefit for The Green Party in front of 1800 people in these comedy fists, doing a power salute and enquiring whether they were “…ready for a Green Paartaaay!?” thought ‘Oh my God’ and rushed back to score them. Alas, like so many things in Sally Ann, you don’t get a second chance to think about it and the buggers had gone. They were only 80p as well.

Thanks to Andrzej Sosnowski for sending me the film.

Green Party Thom Yorke Gig 25/02/2010 from Andrzej (Dr Zej) Sosnowski on Vimeo.

One response to “"Are you ready for a Green Paartaaay!?"

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  1. In fact I feel I should add that when I realised the Hulk fists had gone I was really incredibly saddened by it. If you had seen me stumble out onto Mill Road looking utterly bereft you would have wondered what the hell had happened. I felt like I’d missed such a massive opportunity for a perfect Pete Um moment. Hmmm.

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