Money Just A Fall Like Rain   3 comments

Had a bit of a reggae windfall this week. I’m getting used to the heartache of seeing a box of records lying about in Resale, falling upon them like Indiana Jones, but then being told they are still to be looked at and then never seeing them again. The other week there was a box of jazz treasures with a microwave sitting on top of a warping copy of A Love Supreme and all I could do was try to minimise the damage. Anyway, really fucking weirdly, or perhaps because of the recession/collapse of so-called Western Democracy, Resale Al saw me sideling about the aisles the other day and almost conspiratorially informed me that there was a box of records in the kitchen that I might want to have a look at. I’d actually seen them about 3 weeks previously but had given up all hope they’d appear in the shop. Anyway, nice seam of the black gold stuff:

D.J. Showdown – Johnny P, Tuffest, Bunny General
Treasure Isle Dub – Arthur “Duke” Reid
Umkhonti We Sizwe (Spear Of The Nation) – Prince Far I
Dub Classic – Rupie Edwards
Sons Of Thunder – Dr Alimantado
Crucial Reggae Driven By Sly & Robbie – Various
Dub Plate Special – Jah Woosh
Dub Me Crazy 7: The Adventures Of A Dub Sampler – Mad Professor
In The Mix – Dr Alimantado
Brass Rockers – Tommy McCook And Aggrovators, The
Dubwise – The Mighty Diamonds (no cover with this, unfortunately)
DubDisco Vol 2 – Bunny Wailer
Reminah Dub – Lee Perry
Straight Out The Jungle – Jungle Brothers
Haunting Ground – Bim Sherman
Sky Larking 12″ – Horace Andy
Rasta Fiesta 12″ – Sly Dunbar
Checking It Out 12″ – Sonia/Creation Rebel
Crucial Burial 12″ – Augustus Pablo
Call The Police 12″ – Ini Kamoze
Homeward Bound 12″ – Creation Stepper
Liquidator/Longshot Kick De Bucket 12″ – Harry J Allstars/The Pioneers

3 responses to “Money Just A Fall Like Rain

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  1. nice selection!

  2. Are you selling any of these, or just for personal pleasure?

    They had a huuuuge pile of classic reggae in our local Oxfam a couple weeks ago….I got right excited til I saw they were asking £10-£20 a pop and most of them were scratched so badly that they were 50p car-bbot quality. Some looked virtually unplayable – they’d had beer poured on them at parties, etc.

  3. Ah yes charity shops and their dressing-mutton-as-lamb ways. They threaten to bring out the tiresome geek in me who wants to tell them what’s what, but i think they get that kind of shit from the bric-a-brac posse and they know not what they do so fuckit.

    The records above were very reasonably priced (unreasonably) and all in the weird conceptual acres of space between VG+ and NM. I was lucky and give thanks and praises!

    Obviously I am skint and should sell them but I am sipping them slowly like fine whisky and each one seems better than the last. What usually happens when I find valuable records is that i justify the purchase based on what it’s worth and then keep it because I have hoarding issues. My record collection is not getting any worse though. I do sell chaff stuff on Discogs but it seems to be that it’s always a CD to some dude in Europe and not the ton of vinyl I need to get rid of.

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