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Bless Nochexxx   1 comment

Bless Dave he’s got round to sorting out the oft-threatened selectation duties for a new Um release, cos he reckons he can do the honours better than me or anyone else. Last week he sent me a 22 minute mix saying it was more or less definitive but last I heard (yesterday) he was on about a 3XLP! Anyway he sent some documentation pix to illustrate his dubious labour. Any you don’t recognise?






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We Give You.   2 comments

I always preferred Loop to The Spacemen, who seemed a bit built-from-parts and a put-on job besides, but funnily enough I seem to like them more and more, and almost because of those factors. I like the kind of will-to-power disregard of you know, 80s Warwickshire, in pursuit of some super-ridiculous rock vision. Got an odd admiration for Jagger for similar kinda chutzpah. Still struggle with Tom Waits though.

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The Funky Four Aims + 1   1 comment

Think I might have blogged this before, which makes bragging about it again look even worse. This is intended as part of a sequence of brags though, if that makes it any better. But yeah, getting a namecheck on this Flower-Corsano joint makes my ego put on its sunglasses and nod thoughtfully at the camera. Simon Doozer should get a credit really, cos he did a lot of the digital sucking for the project that my lips were too stupid and broken to handle.

First is the vinyl, 2nd the CD.



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Crazy Wisdom Masters   Leave a comment

I love these guys. The thing that Ninja says about racism about 18 minutes in is just fantastic. I was telling Bobby about it and doing my best South African accent to really get it across and when I finished Bob’s eyes widened and he just said “pretty wise…” in the same sorta voice. Ninja is kind of who I wanted to be when I was about 15 crossed with who I’d really like to be now. Die Antwoord are on a long list of YouTube videos I’m meant to be doing.

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Kemp's Ducktronics   Leave a comment

Phil showed me the other night. Made by local boy, FX unit-worrier and circuit-perverter Rob Kemp. I like the kind of cheapo nihilist feel, especially the music.

Resale Dixie Booty   Leave a comment

Saw these lovely 10″s and wanted to buy them all, even just for the covers, but I couldn’t afford it. So instead I just went back every day and bought them one at a time. Click to enlarge.






Newranus   1 comment

Hung out with Phil at the Moonbase last night and he YouTube jockeyed the night away. First person I ever saw do that was Ariel Pink at the Bad Timing house in about 2005 I guess. Hip!

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